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2017 news from Ecole Chocolat

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Dark Chocolate
For many chocolate lovers, only dark chocolate will do. But dark chocolate has changed in the past 15 years – “dark chocolate” isn’t simply one flavor any more. Chocolate makers are crafting wonderful dark chocolates made from beans from all over the world, bringing out their very different profiles. Then chocolatiers take these flavorful chocolates and use them for their own creations. In this Chocolate Masters Hangout, we will be talking to three experienced chefs and chocolatiers Sarah Tibbetts, Kate Weiser and David Chow about all things dark chocolate, including tips and tricks for choosing dark chocolates for recipes, and how to get the best results.

Ecole Chocolat's Founder Pam Williams featured on the Well Tempered Podcast
Well Tempered is a podcast that tells the story of women in the fine chocolate industry. It is hosted by Lauren Heineck of WKND Chocolate. In this episode, Pam shares stories and insights from her 35 years in the fine chocolate industry.

Ecole Chocolat's Founder Pam Williams on Good Morning America
Pam is interviewed by Good Morning America's Becky Worley for her series Frugal Foodie as they discuss fine chocolate and tour the facility of Ecole Chocolat graduate Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco. A consumer taste test shows that consumer's palates are changing!

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Chocolate by Design
A beautifully designed chocolate can stop us in our tracks. When that chocolate also tastes fabulous and is perfectly made, a chocolatier showcases his or her true talents. But how do they do this consistently each and every time? In this Chocolate Masters Hangout, we'll be talking to renowned chocolatier Melissa Coppel about her strategies for creating beautiful, perfect chocolates.


Ecole Chocolat Graduates are finalists for the 2017 Good Food Awards
The finalists for the 2017 Good Food Awards have been announced, and there are 10 Ecole Chocolat graduates who are finalists in the chocolate or confections categories!

Chocolate Masters Hangout: What lies beneath the chocolate?
Making visually beautiful chocolates is an important talent for a chocolatier – after all, it’s what catches our eye! But what about what’s on the inside? How do chocolatiers create the flavor and texture combinations that we love when we pop a chocolate into our mouths? In this Chocolate Masters Hangout, we’ll talk to two chocolatiers, Dallas Southcott of The Chocolate Lab and Caitlin Lyon and Michelle Novosel, of Pizzelle’s Confections. They are creating chocolates that are BOTH visually beautiful, and filled with unique flavor combinations. We’ll talk to them about where their inspiration comes from, how they balance different flavors, source ingredients and produce consistent products in large quantities.

Ecole Chocolat Graduates win International Chocolate Awards at Regional and World Competitions
The winners of the International Chocolate awards have been announced and Ecole Chocolat graduates are among the winners! Our graduates won awards in the Americas and Asia Pacific Competition, the Canadian National Competition, the British National Competition and the World Final.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Healthy Chocolate
The media loves to cover stories about chocolate and health. It seems every day there is a new headline about ways that chocolate is good for you – it’s good for your heart, it can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, and the list goes on. And then there’s all the information on the wrapper that can be linked to health – non GMO, certified organic, vegan, to name a few. But IS chocolate good for you? What specifically about chocolate makes it good for you? In this Chocolate Masters Hangout, we’ll talk to Heather Johnston of Veruca Chocolates , a physician turned chocolatier and Joelle Barber of Nibble Chocolate , a chocolate maker, about what makes chocolate a healthy indulgence.

Ecole Chocolat Graduate takes top prize at the Academy of Chocolate Awards
Ottawa's Hummingbird Chocolate was awarded the prestigous "Golden Bean" for the best chocolate at the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards. The company was founded by Ecole Chocolat graduate Erica Gilmour and her husband Drew in 2011.

Ecole Chocolat Graduates are winners of the Academy of Chocolate Awards
The winners of the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards have been announced, including 7 Ecole Chocolat graduates!

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Sourcing cocoa beans for chocolate making
Fine chocolate with fabulous flavor starts with high quality beans. But for many chocolate makers, one of the biggest challenges, especially when starting their business, is finding or “sourcing those beans”. The process of bean sourcing from finding the beans themselves all the way to having them arrive at your factory ready to be made into chocolate is a complicated one that can involve many people including farmers, brokers, transporters and more. In this Chocolate Masters Hangout, we’re going to talk about bean sourcing - how chocolate makers get the best beans for their chocolate. We were joined by Greg D'Alesandre of Dandelion Chocolate and Art Pollard of Amano Chocolate

Ecole Chocolat's Founder Pam Williams featured in the Globe and Mail
As Easter approached and many people are buying chocolate, Pam was asked to comment on an article entitled "How to tell if your favourite Easter treats are 'real' chocolate". Let your wallet be your guide - chocolate made with higher quality cocoa beans will cost more, but it will also taste better!

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Pop up Shops
Pop up shops - temporary retail locations - can be a great retail strategy for selling chocolate. Pop up shops can be an appealing retail strategy because it allows face to face interaction with your customers without the set up and overhead costs of a brick and mortar retail location. In this Chocolate Masters Hangout, we will be talking about choosing a location for your pop up shop, working with retail partners that may be hosting you, promotion, and tips for success

Ecole Chocolat Graduate named in Dessert Professional Magazine's Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America
Ecole Chocolat Graduate Elaine Hsieh, co-founder of EH Chocolatier along with Catherine Sweeney, was named one of the Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America for 2016 by Dessert Professional Magazine!


Ecole Chocolat's Founder Pam Williams featured in the Confectionery News
As the bean to bar chocolate market grows in the United States, Pam was asked to comment on an article entitled "A dynamic bean-to-bar market creates the ‘New American Chocolate’ – but is it a game for small players only?". Small bean to bar chocolate makers are looking to appeal to a completely different market than large, multinational companies, and have a completely different approach to flavor and production.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: COLD Chocolate
Chocolate is fabulous any time of year, but with the warm summer months comes a new way for chocolatiers to experiment and dazzle us with new treats – COLD chocolate! Ice cream, gelato, ice cream bars….the list goes on! In this Chocolate Masters Hangout, we will be talking about COLD chocolate, from the different types of innovative and delicious products that chocolatiers are creating, to the challenges of working with and keeping chocolate at cold temperatures while ensuring consistent quality.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Working with 3-D Molds
Chocolatiers frequently work with molds to create the beautiful chocolate shapes and figures that we all enjoy. But there are challenges to working with these molds to ensure consistent product quality from an appearance, packaging, shelf life and flavor perspective. In this discussion we will be talking with chocolatiers, Giorgio Demarini of Roselen Chocolatier and Kate Weiser of Kate Weiser Chocolate about how they work with 3-D molds – from choosing a mold and the intricacies of working with molds, to choosing the right type of chocolate and adding decorative details.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Chocolate Bars - Ramping Up Taste and Texture
We can all appreciate the fabulous flavors and texture of a simple chocolate bar. But chocolatiers and chocolate makers are showcasing their creativity through the addition of inclusions, such as nuts, fruit, or spices. Inclusions offer new flavor and texture combinations for chocolatiers and chocolate makers to explore.

You Can't Go Wrong With Chocolate on Valentine's
Valentine's is one day that's no sweat for gifting. . . a bottle of fine wine, a beautiful dinner and a box of exquisite chocolates will say all the right things when the intent is to give the best. Chocolatiers are all set for Valentine's Day! Here's how some of the top chocolatiers are celebrating: 'HERS' gift - THE HEART - 61% dark chocolate heart filled with an assortment of chocolates & confections from EC Graduates: Valenza Chocolatier and 'Pucker Up' Bonbons - 54% dark chocolate filled with coffee caramel from Veruca Chocolates.

Ecole Chocolat Graduates among the Finalists and Winners for 2015 Awards
A number of Ecole Chocolat Graduates were winners and finalists in a number of competitions including: Good Food Awards, American Made by Martha Stewart, Dessert Professional Top Ten Chocolatiers, and International Chocolate Salon.


Chocolate Masters Hangout: Think you know hot chocolate?
In this discussion about hot chocolate, we will bring together chocolate makers and chocolatiers to talk about the history and evolution of hot chocolate, trends in drinking chocolate, and recipe development. We will also share a recipe for you to try at home! Join us to learn about the more sophisticated side of your favorite cold weather treat!

Need a Great Holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving?
The Professional Chocolatier Program also makes the perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life! Contact us at info@ecolechocolat.com and we will take care of all the details. The winter months are the best time for you and your chocolate lover to hibernate indoors and hone his or her chocolate skills.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Mad About Milk Chocolate
Milk chocolate is still the most popular flavor of chocolate across the globe. As a modern, informed and passionate chocolate lover, you probably tend to like your chocolate dark. But are you missing a lot of great chocolate flavor by automatically bypassing milk chocolate? We say a resounding YES! Especially when you consider the milk chocolates being produced by the fine chocolate industry makers and manufacturers.

Ecole Chocolat's Master Program in Italy
This one-week (six-night) experience is an opportunity to learn from the Italian master chocolatiers. The program combines intensive hands-on training at the ICAM Choco Scuola with travel to Milan and Turin to visit and learn from important Italian chocolatiers in their cioccolateria and laboratories. Also its a great time to open a fine chocolate business - find out why.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Cocoa and Chocolate Sustainability
What makes the chocolate you love even better for the world? Digging deeper into the meaning of sustainability in the cocoa and chocolate industry! The chocolate industry has recently been flooded with various products containing different sustainability claims. In this discussion between cacao expert Ed Seguine and chocolate maker Shawn Askinosie, they mean to clarify what sustainability truly means in cacao farming, post-harvest processing and chocolate making.

Find Chocolate! app leads the way to treats this Halloween 
Says Pam Williams, founder of Ecole Chocolat "Many adults get into the spirit of the holiday with costumes and parties. Great chocolate is the perfect addition to any Halloween gathering." Some of Ecole Chocolat's graduates have created fantastic Halloween collections for you to enjoy. Anna Shea Chocolates has created spooky chocolate dipped oreos decorated as vampires and black cats, along with ghost marshmallows, creepy eyeball domes and pumpkins.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Cocoa Butter: What’s that doing in my chocolate?
Cocoa beans naturally contain approximately 50% cocoa butter. It’s the inherent “fat” in chocolate that melts at body temperature to carry all that chocolate flavor to each and every taste bud. We have a lively discussion of the pros and cons of adding more cocoa butter in the chocolate making process between craft chocolate maker Carlos Eichenberger and chocolatier Richard Tango Lowy who works with all types of chocolates.

Ecole Chocolat Fall Programs are open for registration
We announce the opening of our Fall programs for registration including: Professional Chocolatier Program which is focused on industry and product knowledge, physiology of taste as it relates to recipe development, master recipes and professional production techniques for bonbons and bars; Chocolate Making from the Bean for Chocolatiers program is about manufacturing your own chocolate from the dried cocoa beans; and Quality Assurance & Keeping Limits which is focused on the science of producing a safe, quality product, handling and storing it properly and knowing its keeping limits.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Becoming a Chocolate Super Taster
Those of you who have watched our previous hangouts, will remember that we’ve discussed chocolate flavor before - touching on how genetics, terrior, post-harvest processing, roasting and conching all contribute to the final flavor of any chocolate. The nuts and bolts. Now we are focused on YOU and how it just takes knowledge, a lot of tasting and sharing with good friends. Rich will take you through how he educated himself to be a chocolate super taster and why he believes that to enjoy chocolate to the fullest you first need to do your homework!

Ecole Chocolat's Find Chocolate! App helps you to leap into Spring
We now have more than 2,500 shops from around the world ON THE MAP! There are lots of shops where the Easter Bunny can find that perfect chocolate for any special chocoholic on your list! Use the Find Chocolate! app created by Ecole Chocolat when you are traveling during the Spring holidays - no need to be without great chocolate when you are on the road.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Chocolate and Wine Pairing
Forget flowers, surprise your sweetie with a romantic chocolate and wine pairing on Valentine’s Day. Chocolatier Barbara Fox leads us through a wine and chocolate pairing and educates us on just how to pair a wine with your favorite chocolate bar or bonbon. Barbara also includes a romantic twist: since fine chocolate is usually served as or after dessert, this opens the possibility of pairings with bubbly or intensely flavored dessert wines – perfect for the end of a Valentine’s Day Dinner.

Ecole Chocolat Graduates among the Finalists and Winners for 2014 Awards
A number of Ecole Chocolat Graduates were winners and finalists in a number of competitions including: Good Food Awards, American Made by Martha Stewart, Dessert Professional Top Ten Chocolatiers, and International Chocolate Salon.


Chocolate Masters Hangout: It's All About Flavor
We’ve brought together artisan chocolate makers and chocolatiers in a discussion about creating chocolate flavor. We discuss how chocolate flavor is developed during the process of going from bean to bar. And talk about post-harvest and manufacturing processes that bring out the best flavor from the cacao bean. Be prepared to enjoy your next chocolate bar even more by understanding the work that goes into making it so tasty.

Ecole Chocolat's Find Chocolate! App Points Way to Halloween Treats
Halloween arrives in many guises, but whether it creeps in like a wayward zombie or lights the way like a happily grinning jack-o-lantern, one thing's for sure: there must be something sweet along the way. And nothing says it better than chocolate, so if you're looking for something more interesting than the run-of-the-mill supermarket mini-bars, use the Find Chocolate! app created by Ecole Chocolat for just such occasions.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Glorious Ganache
Watch us for a conversation with international chocolatiers on the challenges and successes of producing the perfect ganache. We'll talk about finding the best ratio of chocolate and cream, how to balance flavors, which way to finish: coating, enrobing or molding to protect that precious ganache. And we'll talk about what's new and exciting in flavors for chocolate truffles and maybe inspire you to do a little experimenting yourself.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Save Our Chocolate!
Chocolate is a food made with the fruit of Theobroma cacao trees grown on small family farms around the world. The vast majority – 95% – of this cacao is inexpensive bulk-grade, which is displacing the other 5 % considered fine-flavor cacaos at an alarming rate. In this Hangout, we discuss the importance of saving our chocolate through the efforts of the non-profit Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative (HCP).  

Chocolate Masters Hangout: The Rise of Hawaii Grown Cacao
Since Ecole Chocolat first sponsored the Hawaii Cacao Symposium in 2005, the Hawaii Cacao industry has grown steadily each year. It's still a tiny but important segment of the Hawaii agriculture as Hawaii is the only U.S. state that can grow cacao. In this Chocolate Masters Hangout, we bring together four of the pivotal members of the newly formed Hawaii Chocolate and Cacao industry.

Saving the World's Finest-tasting Heirloom Chocolate from Extinction
Lovers of fine chocolate may be wondering if their favorite treat is on the brink of extinction, following reports that many third-world cacao farmers of rare chocolate strains are struggling to stay afloat. They have reason to worry, but they'll be heartened to hear of the passionate efforts now underway to save that tiny fraction - that five per cent - of the world's cacao forests that produce the finest-tasting chocolates.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Caramel - Deconstructed!
Enjoy watching a lively conversation on the challenges of producing a great caramel and what makes a caramel bonbon, well, not just good but great! Our guest is none other than Michael Recchiuti of Recchiuti Confections whose Burnt Caramels introduced caramel fanatics, which are legion, to a less sweet caramel with whisky-like flavors.

Chocolate Masters Hangout: Bean to Bar – It's a Challenge!
We explore the challenges and rewards of opening and operating a bean to bar business. Our guest is Alice Nystrom, one of the new breed of U.S. artisan chocolate makers working out of a small factory in the Dogpatch area of San Francisco. We had a chance to taste Dandelion Chocolates' Papua New Guinea 70%

Passion Transform a Hobby into a Thriving Business for These Chocolate-Loving Women
We're all crazy about chocolate, but women are just a little more likely to turn that passion into a business, says Ecole Chocolat Founder and Lead Instructor Pam Williams. A poll conducted earlier this year by the Bank of Montreal found that women who start their own business are looking to do what they love and to do it on their own terms.

Ecole Chocolat's Founder Pam Williams Featured in Countlan Magazine
Pam gives her take on chocolate tasting for Countlan's article entitled Tasting Chocolate: Matter of Opinion. Best advice: Don't taste too many samples at one time. Limit yourself to 4 or 6. Countlan is a digital magazine dedicated to exploring how people all over the world entertain at home.

Ecole Chocolat Celebrates 10th Anniversary Year
It's been 10 years since Ecole Chocolat, a professional chocolate arts school, first opened its cyber doors and a look back shows both the power and the reach of its online chocolate programs. The list of Ecole Chocolat's graduates includes many high-profile chocolatiers who have received national and international awards and been written up in major magazines and newspapers.

Ecole Chocolat Graduates among the Finalists for Good Food Awards 2013
A number of Ecole Chocolat Graduates were finalists in both the Chocolate and Confection categories of the Good Food Award,. The Good Food Awards celebrate the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsibly produced. The awards are meant to celebrate outstanding American food producers and the farmers who provide their ingredients.


Holiday Cheer Begins with Fine-Flavor Chocolate
Just in time for this gift-giving season, Pam Williams is giving consumers a reason to seek out fine-flavor chocolate rather than simply relying on mass-produced options. Her new book, Raising The Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate, has consumers dreaming of a chocolate Christmas, but not just any chocolate.

Fine-Flavor Chocolate at Risk, Ecole Chocolat Founder Says in New Book
Consumers who demand the best must become aware that their favorite fine chocolate may well be facing extinction if nothing is done to protect the most luxuriant-tasting strains now growing in remote equatorial forests around the world, says Ecole Chocolat Founder and Author Pam Williams in her new book, Raising the Bar.

Chocolate and Spice and Everything Nice in Ecole Chocolat Grad's Truffle
The year-end holiday season – whether it involves Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or some other treasured family celebration – evokes nostalgia in many of us, says Ecole Chocolat graduate and master chocolatier Elaine Hsieh of EH Chocolatier in Somerville, MA. She offers us a delicious recipe for a special holiday truffle.

Indulge in Favorite Treat of Ghosts and Goblins With Our Find Chocolate! App
“If all the headlines are to be believed, North Americans are in a frightfully good mood when it comes to Halloween spending this year,” says Ecole Chocolat Founder Pam Williams, pointing to recent National Retail Federation and other research findings that show a record number of people plan to celebrate Halloween by buying costumes, decorations and candy – lots of candy.

New Book by Ecole Chocolat Founder Looks at Future of Fine Chocolate
Two years in the making and in honor of the school's 10th anniversary, Ecole Chocolat founder Pam Williams has just announced publication of her new book, “Raising the Bar: The Future of Fine Chocolate.” The book offers a “global journey from cacao gene and cocoa bean to chocolate bar and bonbon,” and looks at the future of the world's finest chocolate as seen through the eyes of people who live chocolate every day and strive to preserve its richest, most complex and endangered forms for future generations, says Williams.

Chocolate-Loving 'Leaf Peepers' Never Far From a Tasty Treat with this App
When “leaf peepers” – those who are expected to crowd the picturesque back roads and byways of New England over the next few months – are struck by chocolate cravings, they're never far from a delicious fix, says Ecole Chocolat founder Pam Williams, who also developed the Find Chocolate! app for mobile devices capable of pinpointing the nearest chocolate shop anywhere in the world.

Ecole Chocolat Grads, Other Professionals, Head for Italy This Fall
This fall's Ecole Chocolat's Masters Program in Italy promises to be inspirational for professional chocolatiers wishing to upgrade their skills and learn the secrets of fine Italian chocolate making, says Program Leader Judy Witts of Diva Cucina cooking school in Florence, Italy. Witts is a long-time resident whose cooking, teaching and writing have made her a renowned expert in Italian food and cooking.

Ecole Chocolat Grad Takes Top Honors with Agave Caramel
Ecole Chocolat grad Emir Kiamilev was thrilled to report that his Amella agave caramels, made with cocoa butter, were chosen as top caramel in recent Chocolate Salon awards. Amella's caramels will be the official caramel for the 2013 Taste Awards – also known as the TASTY Awards, the premier broadcast awards show celebrating and recognizing the year's best achievements in food, fashion, and lifestyle programs on television, in film, online and radio. Amella Caramels is located in El Segundo, Ca.

Get Ready for Great Holiday Gift-Giving
Chocolate aficionados and home chocolate artisans please note: This one's for you, as Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts offers the Chocolate Technique and Flavor Stream as part of the Professional Chocolatier Program.

It's the Beans! Ecole Chocolat Grads Learn as They Explore Cacao in Ecuador
Ecole Chocolat graduate and Santa Barbara, Ca. chocolatier Maya Schoop-Rutten had her eyes opened when she participated in a recent Ecole Chocolat Master's Program in Ecuador that took participants from Quito through the Andes to Quevedo City, La Mana, Mindo and Kallari regions of the country.

Emergence of Chocolate Industry In India
Chocolates may be items of impulse-purchase, competing with other categories like soft drinks, snacks and beverages for a share of the consumer's wallet, but modern trade and other factors like liberalisation of the economy, growing income of middle class and macro-economic conditions have had a positive impact on consumer spending, says The India Times, which also names Ecole Chocolat as one of several professional chocolate arts schools in the world.

As More Subscribers Sign On, Finding the Best Gianduja in Italy Now Made Easy with Find Chocolate! App
The number of chocolate lovers who are discovering and listing their favorite chocolate shops on the Find Chocolate! app continues to grow, says its creator Pam Williams, who also developed Chocomap.com and is the Founder and Lead Instructor at Ecole Chocolat.

'Beerific' Pairing for Dad's Day: Chocolate and Craft Beer
Bacon, beer and Scotch all sound like they might appeal to Dads in one form or another on Father's Day, but pair them with chocolate and you've got a sure-fire winner, says Ecole Chocolat graduate Gail Ambrosius, whose chocolate shop under the same name has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Bon Appetit, Food Network Magazine and the Today Show.

Celebrate Flavors of Spring with Strawberry Rhubarb Truffle
Spring means fresher, lighter, more vibrant flavors and in celebration, Ecole Chocolat founder Pam Williams has conjured a delicious sweet that uses two of our favorite spring-time treats: strawberries and rhubarb.

Top North American Chocolatiers, All EC grads, Prepare for Mom's Day
Chocolate is as much a passion as it is a business, say three Ecole Chocolat graduates who were named among the Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America by Dessert Professionals Magazine. All three are currently busy producing their fabulous artisan chocolate creations for special Mother's Day gifting.

EC Grads Check Out the Chocolate Scene in Paris
Fourteen professional chocolatiers, most of them graduates of Ecole Chocolat's Professional Chocolatier Program, arrived in Paris this week to extend and deepen their knowledge and skills with various masters of the chocolate arts through the school's Master Chocolatier Program in France.

Fine Chocolate Easy to Find With this Great App!
It's not that difficult to find a chocolate Easter egg or bunny at this time of year. But finding one made of fine chocolate and crafted with more artisanal rather than industrial methods can be a bit of a challenge, says Pam Williams, creator of Chocomap.com and the Find Chocolate! app.

Abundance of Chocolate Easter Eggs a Toothsome Tradition
Eggs are a symbol for new life, the essence of nature's determination that winter will end and spring come forward with its pastel promise of natural abundance. And when the eggs are made of chocolate, you know Easter can't be far behind.

Making These Truffles May Lead to the Altar this Leap Year
Chocolate, possessed of natural chemicals that unleash positive feelings in those who indulge, is in a class of potent love foods that bring extra meaning to the table this leap year.

You Can't Go Wrong With Chocolate on Valentine's
Valentine's is one day that's no sweat for gifting. . . a bottle of fine wine, a beautiful dinner and a box of exquisite chocolates will say all the right things when the intent is to give the best.

Valentine's a Busy Time for Artisan Chocolatiers Across the Country
Today's chocolate connoiseurs look to the quality, creativity and passion artisan chocolatiers such as Diane Pinder and Beth Tulley, both Ecole Chocolat graduates, bring to the table.

Ecole Chocolat Graduates Selected Top Ten Chocolatiers
Three Ecole Chocolat graduates are selected as Dessert Professional Magazine's Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America: Bill Copeland, Jacqueline Jacek, and Kate Shaffer.

Here's a Sweet Resolution for 2012
Getting more education or a better job are among the top 10 New Year's resolutions for many people. And those who are looking to launch themselves into a new career or business could do worse than to consider chocolate as an option.

Top Chocolatiers and Artisan Chocolate Makers Struggling to Keep Up with Demand on the Busiest Week of the Year
Artisans at the top tier of the chocolate industry get a double whammy between escalating sales and production limitations.


Chocomap is Ready for the Holidays
See our FREE Holiday e-cards in bright holiday colors and celebrate this festive time by connecting with someone special!
November 13, 2011

I'm in the Mood for Chocolate, Find Me a Chocolate Shop Now!
Locate a chocolate shop quickly and easily with the new, free Find Chocolate! Mobile App for Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads..
November 10, 2011

Master Chocolatier Program in France
A special program of hands-on training at Valrhona's Ecole du Grand Chocolat in Tain l'Hermitage, France.
September 26, 2011

Master Chocolatier Program in Belgium
Combines hands-on training at the original Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Wieze, Belgium with guided visits to important chocolatiers' boutiques in Brussels.
September 26, 2011

Master Chocolate Program in Costa Rica
The program will take you to the historical roots of cacao growing during harvest for a much better understanding of cacao cultivation and processing
September 26, 2011

Chocomap Gears up for Fall Road Trips
We now have 2080 chocolate shops from around the World ON THE MAP!
September 10, 2011

Ecole Chocolat Fall Program Update
Registration for our Fall sessions are in full swing and our Programs are starting to fill.
July 19, 2011

Take Chocomap on Vacation with You
Great choices from which to find that perfect chocolate for a special chocoholic and to explore on your summer vacation.
June 13, 2011

Master Chocolatier Program in Switzerland
Combines an intensive hands-on program at Felchlin's Condirama training centre and factory tour with visits to important chocolatiers in Switzerland.
April 25, 2011

Master Chocolatier Program in Italy
Program includes intensive hands-on training at the ICAM Choco Scuola with travel to Turin to visit important Italian chocolatiers in their cioccolateria and laboratories.
April 25, 2011

The Easter Bunny comes to Chocomap.com
Check out the Top Chocolatier page where you can sing the praises of the Easter treats from your favorite chocolatier!!

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