Happy Graduation to all the Students of Ecolechocolat

Ecole Chocolat Graduates

We're pleased to be able to promote our Ecole Chocolat graduates as they open their businesses! You'll see below that our grads are an eclectic group of artisan chocolatiers or chocolate makers working across the globe. Each student comes into our program with his or her own passion and vision for chocolate work. It's very satisfying for us to see them translate that passion and vision into a unique business. We love hearing about what our graduates do after finishing our programs! Read two great grad stories here and here.
Good Food Awards 2016 Ecole Chocolat graduates are winners of the 2019 Good Food Awards.
WINNER! Markham & Fitz Chocolate, Ooh La Lavender, Arkansas
WINNER! Maverick Chocolate, 70% Belize, Ohio
WINNER! Raphio Chocolate, 72% Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, California

WINNER! Batch PDX, Garden Mint & Habanero, Oregon
WINNER! Creo Chocolate, Black Lava Salted Caramel, North Carolina
WINNER! Madison Chocolate Company, Ghost Pepper Caramel, Wisconsin

International Chocolate Awards 2016 Ecole Chocolat graduates are winners of the 2018 International Chocolate Awards.
WINNER! Art of Chocolate/Cacao Santa Fe, Prickly Pear, Hibiscus,Lime, United States
WINNER! Avanaa, Zorzal, Canada
WINNER! Kakaw Belizean Chocolate, Belize Chocolate Company Milk bar, Belize
WINNER! Beth's Chocolate, Lemon Pepper Squares; Pomegranate; Maple Liqueur;¡Mexican Fiesta!; Cappuccino; Fig-in-a-Box, United States
WINNER! Cacao & Cardamom, Black Sesame Ginger; Passionfruit; Cardamom Rose; Raspberry Pistachio; Five Spice Praline; Oregano Caramel; Mango Caramel, United States
WINNER! Chocotenango, Honduras; Wild Bolivia; Zanzibar; Tropical Caramel, United States
WINNER! Dandelion Chocolate, Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania (2014); Maya Mountain, Belize (2015); Maya Mountain, Belize (2016); Tumaco, Colombia (2017); Zorzal Comunitario, Dominican Republic (2016); Abmanja, Madagascar (2016); Costa Esmereldas, Ecuador (2016); Hacienda Azul, Costa Rica (2016), United States
WINNER! Fresh Coast Chocolate Co., Belize 70%; Tanzania 70%, United States
WINNER! Garcia Nevett (formerly Cacao Art), Patanemo; Florida Keys Sea Salt; Orange Honey Caramel, United States
WINNER! Harper Macaw, 70% Brazilian Rainforest Blend; 57% Brazilian Rainforest Blend; Bourbon Barrel Aged; Fall Spice; Raspberry Cheesecake, United States
WINNER! Hummingbird Chocolate Maker, Copan; Hispaniola 70%; Cap Haitien; Maple; Copan Dark Milk; Dark Milk Nicaragua; Orange Cardamom; Honey Lavender; Toffee & Nib, Canada
WINNER! Jacek Chocolate Couture, 70% Colombia; 70% Costa Rica; 90% Dominican Republic; The Edmund, Canada
WINNER! Milla Chocolates, Blood Orange Bar; Hazelnut Bon Bon; Black Sesame Caramel Bon Bon, United States
WINNER! Millcreek Cacao Roasters, Millcreek Cacao Roasters Pure 70% Arriba Nacional Bar; Millcreek Cacao Roasters Chuno 78% Whiskey Bar; Millcreek Cacao Roasters 45% Arriba Milk Rum Raisin, United States
WINNER! Mindo Chocolate Makers, Pure Rustic, United States
WINNER! Palette de Bine, "Bine à l’érable" Wild Bolivia 70%, Canada
WINNER! Sibu Chocolate, Lime & Basil Truffle; Sea Salt Vanilla bean Caramel, Costa Rica
WINNER! Vivra Chocolate, Hibiscus Bar; United States
WINNER! Zak's Chocolate, 70% Dark Guatemala Lachua Cacao, United States

WINNER! Duffy's, Guatemala Sweet River 80%; Honduras Indio Rojo 72%; Nicaragua Juno 70%; Nicaragua Nicaliso 72%; Venezuela Ocumare 72%; Guatemala Rio Dulce 70%; Duffy’s Honduras Mayan Red 61% Milk; Duffy’s Oh Juno! 45% Milk United Kingdom

WINNER! Malagos Chocolate, Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate; Malagos 85% Dark Chocolate; 72% Dark Chocolate Ganache; Rhum; Salted Caramel, Philippines
WINNER! Monsieur Truffe, Australian Plum, Australia

Academy of Chocolate Awards 2016 Ecole Chocolat graduates are winners of the 2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards.
WINNER! Cacao 70 Chocolate Factory, Monte Grande 70%; Maple Shack 34%; Mint Condition 70%; Smooth Operator 45%; Chai 45%, Canada
WINNER! Chocolat Grace, Dark Crunchy Shell Salted Caramel; Milk Crunchy Shell; Salted Opus Blanc and Espresso; Grenada & Orange Marmalade; Earl Grey and Lavender Caramel; Rosehip and Estate Assam Caramel, United States
WINNER! Christi’s Choco Csokoládé Manufaktúra, Coffee & salt; Salted Caramel & Coffee; Salted Caramel, Hungary
WINNER! cochu chocolate, Tonka Bean; Hazelnut Crunch Bonbon; Tea Blossom; Salted Cultured Butter Caramel; Roasted Coffee Caramel; Pecan Pie Bar, Canada
WINNER! CocoVaa Chocolatier, Hazelnut Bourbon Cream; Persian Saffron; Blackberry Sage; Salted Caramel No. 2; Lemongrass Pear Frangipane; Basil Lime Caramel; Morello cherry caramel; Coffee Hazelnut Crunch; Chambord and Cream; Eliki; Jasmine Vanilla Rose,United States
WINNER! Creo Chocolate, Black Lava Salted Caramel; Whiskey Caramel; The Washu Project; Dark Toasted Coconut; Whiskey Milk; Caramelized White; Coffee and Cream; Chocolate Hazelnut Spread; Minty Dark Drinking Chocolate, United States
WINNER! Dandelion Chocolate, Hacienda Azul, Costa Rica- 2016 - 70%; Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania- 2016 - 70%; Wampu, Honduras - 2017- 70%; Zorzal Estate, Dominican Republic - 2016 - 70%, United States
WINNER! Duffy's Chocolate, Duffy's Philippine South Cotabato 70%, United Kingdom
WINNER! East Van Roasters, Aloha Crunch; Chocolate Nut Butter + Honey, Canada
WINNER! Hummingbird Chocolate Maker, Reserva Zorzal 70% ; Cap-Haitien; Copan Honduras 70%; Hispaniola 70%; Mayan; Honey Lavender; Toffee Nib; Gingerbread Spice, Canada
WINNER! McGuire Chocolate Company, Santa Paws; Big Booty Hank, Canada
WINNER! Míšina čokoláda, Madagascar Dark 70%, Solomon Islands Dark 70%, Tanzania Milk 50%, Vietnam Dark Milk 60%, Czech Republic
WINNER! ÓBOLO Chocolate, ÓBOLO 70% Cacao Puro; ÓBOLO 64% Cacao Masala Chai; ÓBOLO 64% Earl Grey; ÓBOLO Patagonia Campfire Bar - 64% Cacao; ÓBOLO Chocolate 51% Dark Milk; ÓBOLO 37% White Chocolate; ÓBOLO Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Chile
WINNER! Petite Patrie Chocolate, Copan Honduras 72%; Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea 80%, Canada
WINNER! Palette de Bine, Tanzanie Café 70% Kokoa Kamili, Canada
WINNER! Raphio Chocolate, 72% Dominican Republic; 72% Tanzania; Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, United States
WINNER! Valenza Chocolatier, Barolo Bonbon; Espresso Bonbon; Blackberry Rosemary Bonbon; Clove Bonbon; Cremino Cappuccino Bonbon; Limoncello Bonbon, United States
WINNER! White Rabbit Chocolatiers, Campari & Pink Grapefruit, United Kingdom

Dessert Professional Magazine Top 10 Chocolatiers of North America 2016
Includes Ecole Chocolat graduates:
Jean-Paul Hepp - Chocodiem
Jeremy Karp - Batch PDX
Richard Tango-Lowy - Dancing Lion Chocolate

More Ecole Chocolat Graduates

Chocolat Hanalei Chocolat Hanalei
Ching Young Village, Hanalei, US
Chocolate Legends Chocolate Legends
New Jersey, US
Chocolate Visions Chocolate Visions
California, US
Chocolats Passion Chocolats Passion
Massachusetts, US
Chocollazo Chocollazo
Texas, US
Chocotenango Chocotenango
Washington, DC, US
Cocosia Cocosia
Dubai, AE
Dancing Lion Chocolate Dancing Lion Chocolate
New Hampshire, US

Ecole Chocolat Graduate, Monica Santos talks about her bean to bar business.
Sarina - the Art of Chocolate Sarina - the Art of Chocolate
Moforshav Ein Vered, IL
Sibú Chocolate Sibú Chocolate
San Isidro de Heredia, CR
Sweet Mona's Sweet Mona's
Washington, US
The Chocolate Shoppe The Chocolate Shoppe
Eastern Cape, ZA
Tosier Chocolate Tosier Chocolate
Ipswich, UK
Yelibelly Chocolates Yelibelly Chocolates
Dallas-Fort Worth, US

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