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Happy Graduation to all the Students of Ecolechocolat

Ecole Chocolat Graduates

We're pleased to be able to promote our Ecole Chocolat graduates as they open their businesses! You'll see below that our grads are an eclectic group of artisan chocolatiers or chocolate makers working across the globe. Each student comes into our program with his or her own passion and vision for chocolate work. It's very satisfying for us to see them translate that passion and vision into a unique business. EC Graduates - To respect your privacy, we don't add your business to this page unless asked. If you would like to be added, just send us an email.
Good Food Awards 2016 Ecole Chocolat graduates are winners of the 2017 Good Food Awards.
WINNER! Areté Fine Chocolate, Gianduia Bar, California
WINNER! Creo Chocolate, Minty Dark 73%, Oregon
WINNER! Fresh Coast Chocolate Co., Belize 70%, Michigan

WINNER! Batch PDX, Candy Cap Mushroom Truffle & Ghost Pepper Truffle, Oregon
WINNER! GerDan Chocolates, Gingerbread Caramels, Florida
WINNER! Valenza Chocolatier, Barolo Bonbon, California
WINNER! Zak's Chocolate, Cacao Nib Caramel, Arizona

International Chocolate Awards 2016 Ecole Chocolat graduates are winners of the 2016 International Chocolate Awards.
WINNER! Chocotenango, 50% Milk chocolate, United States
WINNER! Fifth Dimension Chocolates, Mango and Passion fruit Caramel, United Kingdom
WINNER! Hummingbird Chocolate Maker, Reserva Zorzal 70%; Toffee & Nib, Canada
WINNER! Palette de Bine, “Bine à l’érable” Wild Harvest Bolivie; Haiti 70%; “Éclats de miel” Marañòn Pérou 70% Canada
WINNER! Starchild Chocolate, Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili United States

WINNER! Animas Chocolate Company, Colorado Cache, United States
WINNER! Cacao Art, Anis y Papelon; Tulasi, United States
WINNER! Chocotenango, 73% cacao; 50% milk chocolate; Chili caramel, United States
WINNER! Creo Chocolate, Purely Dark 73%, Heirloom Arriba Nacional; Ecuador 85% cacao, United States
WINNER! Hummingbird Chocolate Maker, Hispaniola 70%; Reserva Zorzal 70%, Canada
WINNER! Millcreek Cacao Roasters, 70% Pure Arriba Dark Chocolate Bar; 70% Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar; High West Whiskey Bars, United States
WINNER! Palette de Bine, “Bine à l’érable” Wild Harvest Bolivie; Haïti 70%, Canada
WINNER! Starchild Chocolate, Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili, United States
WINNER! Zak's Chocolate, 55% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar, United States

WINNER! Gem Chocolates, Rosie Salted Caramels, Canada
WINNER! Hummingbird Chocolate Maker, Fleur de Sel; PB & Joy; Honey Lavender; Toffee & Nib, Canada
WINNER! Inspiration Chocolates, Maple Walnut Supreme, Canada
WINNER! Palette de Bine, Palette de Bine “Sapin” Wild Harvest Bolivie 70%; Palette de Bine “Éclats de miel” Marañòn Pérou 70%, Canada
WINNER! The Chocolate Lab, L.L. Dean; Lychee Rosé; Lemon Yuzu Passion; Starry Night Canada

WINNER! Fifth Dimension Chocolate, Yuzu & Pink Peppercorn; Apple & Calvados Caramel; Soy Caramel United Kingdom

Academy of Chocolate Awards 2016 Ecole Chocolat graduates are winners of the 2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards.
The Golden Bean Award was awarded to Hummingbird Chocolate Maker for their Hispaniola 70% bar
WINNER! Dandelion Chocolate, Mantuano, Venezuela 70%; Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania; Camino Verde, Ecuador, 100%, United States
WINNER! Duffy's Red Star, Duffy's Honduras Indio Rojo 72%; Duffy's Honduras Mayan Milk 61%; Duffy's Guatemala Rio Dulce 70%, United Kingdom
WINNER! Fifth Dimension Chocolates, Apple & Calvados Caramel; Soy Caramel; Mandarin & Star Anise, United Kingdom
WINNER! Hummingbird Chocolate Maker, Hispaniola 70%; Vietnam Lam Dong 70%; Alta Verapaz 70%; Reserva Zorzal 70%; Fleur de Sel 70%; Honey Lavender 70%, Canada
WINNER! ÓBOLO Chocolate, ÓBOLO Chocolate 70% Cacao, Chile
WINNER! Palette de Bine, Kokoa Kamili Tanzania 72%; "Sapin" (fir), Canada
WINNER! Ritual Chocolate, Fleur De Sel; Mid Mountain Blend 70% Cacao, United States
International Chocolate Salon Awards Ecole Chocolat graduates are winners of the 2017 International Chocolate Salon awards.

Martha Stewart's American Made Martha Stewart's American Made Nominees
Includes Ecole Chocolat graduates:
Heather Johnston - Veruca Chocolates
Rebecca Cassity - Serendipity Confections

Dessert Professional Magazine Top 10 Chocolatiers of North America 2016
Includes Ecole Chocolat graduates:
Jean-Paul Hepp - Chocodiem
Jeremy Karp - Batch PDX
Richard Tango-Lowy - Dancing Lion Chocolate

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Ecole Chocolat Graduate, Monica Santos talks about her bean to bar business.
Sarina - the Art of Chocolate Sarina - the Art of Chocolate
Moforshav Ein Vered, IL
Sibú Chocolate Sibú Chocolate
San Isidro de Heredia, CR
Sweet Mona's Sweet Mona's
Washington, US
Yelibelly Chocolates Yelibelly Chocolates
Dallas-Fort Worth, US

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