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Chocolate Making Equipment

Chocolate Equipment

In the following list, you'll find companies that offer chocolate-making equipment, not necessarily including chocolate molds. We list those on a separate list.

If there is an online resource for chocolate equipment that we haven't found, please contact us at: and we'll add it to this list.

We also have a list of gourmet chocolate suppliers to help you find chocolate. If you are thinking about using molds to make your chocolates here is our list of chocolate mold suppliers

The list has been compiled for the benefit of our readers. Ecole Chocolat has no commercial relationship with these suppliers.

Chocolate equipment suppliers

Albert Uster Imports
Bakon Food Equipment
Bravo Tempering Machines
Chef Rubber
Chocolate Alchemy
Chocolate Fountain Online
Chocolate World
CK Products
Design & Realisation Inc.
Fante's Kitchen Ware Shop
Hilliard's Chocolate System
Home Chocolate Factory
Indi Chocolate
JKV de chocoladevormenspecialist B.V.
KREA Swiss
La Cuisine
Mol d'Art
Savy Goiseau
Squires Kitchen
Sur la Table
TCF Sales
Vantage House

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