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Craft Chocolate Makers - Creating chocolate from the bean

Chocolate Maker

On this page, we celebrate those chocolate makers who have retail products that you can buy either online or at specialty stores. We want you to have the opportunity to taste their great chocolates so didn't include those that sell only through wholesalers. Have we found every new chocolate maker, probably not, but we try to keep on top of it.

There is a world of diverse flavor created by these dedicated chocolate makers and manufacturers. We like to use the following terms from the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) to differentiate between the terms "chocolate maker" and "chocolate manufacturer":

Chocolate maker – This term usually refers to those companies that produce chocolate in small to medium sized batches from fermented and dried cocoa beans.

Chocolate manufacturer – This term usually refers to those large companies that produce a broad range of mass market chocolate from dried cocoa beans.

Meet the Makers

The following list includes the craft and medium sized chocolate makers in the fine chocolate industry.

Ah Cacao Real Chocolate MX
Akesson's US
Amano Artisan Chocolate US
Amaro IT
Amedei IT
Amma Chocolate BR
Animas Chocolate Company US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Antica Dolceria Bonajuto IT
Askinosie Chocolate US
Auro Chocolate PH
Avanaa CA - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Bahen & Co. US
Bakau PE
Bar au Chocolat US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Beau Cacao UK - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Belmont Estate GD
Belize Chocolate Company BZ - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Beyond Good (formally Madecasse) US
Bisou Chocolate US
Black Mountain Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
BOHO Chocolate US
Bonnat Chocolatier FR
Brasstown Chocolate US
Cacao Hunters CO
Cacao Prieto US
Cacao Sampaka ES
Cacao 70 Chocolate Factory CA - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Cacaosuyo PE
Castronovo Chocolate Factory US
Chequessett Chocolate US
Choco Del Sol DE
Chocolarder UK
Chocolate Conspiracy US
Chocolasia TH
Chocolate Naive LT
Chocolate Tree UK
Chocolat Villars CH
Chocolat Weiss FR
Chocolate Makers NL
Chocolate Santander CO
Chocolaterie A. Morin FR
Chocolaterie de l'Opéra FR
Chocolates el Rey VE
Chocolates Fenix AR
Chocolates Munay CL
Chocolatoa BE
Choco-Lina AT
Chocotenango US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Ciao Cacao CZ
Choklat CA
Claudio Corallo Chocolate ST
Cocoa Mantra IN
Conexión Chocolate Ecuador EC
Coppeneur DE
Creo Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Cru Chocolate US
Cultura Craft Chocolate US
Daintree Estates AU
Dandelion Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Danta Chocolate GT- Ecole Chocolat Grad
Dark Forest Chocolate US
Davis Chocolate US
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate US
Diego’s Chocolate GT
Divine Chocolate US
Dolfin BE
Domori IT
Dormouse Chocolates UK
Double Spiral Chocolate US
Duffy's UK - Ecole Chocolat Grad
East Van Roasters CA - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Eclat Chocolate US
El Ceibo BO
Endorfin US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Enna Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Escazu US
Fabric Chocolate HU
Fairafric GH
Felchlin CH
5150 Chocolate Co. US
Firefly Chocolate US
Fjåk Sjokolade NO
Fossa Chocolate SG
Foundry Chocolate NZ
Franceschi Chocolate VE
French Broad Chocolates US
Fresco Chocolate US
Friis-Holm DK
Fruition Chocolate US
FuWan Chocolate TW
Gefle Chocolaterie SE
Goodnow Farms Chocolate US
Graycliff Chocolatier BS
Green bean to bar chocolate JP
Grenada Chocolate Company GD
Guido Castagna IT
Guittard Chocolate Company US
Habitual Chocolate CA
Hachez Chocolade DE
Harper Macaw US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Hawaiian Crown US
Herufek Chocolate CZ
HEXX Chocolate US
Hogarth Craft Chocolate NZ
House of Cardenas Chocolate EC
Hummingbird Chocolate Maker CA - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Hurricane Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Indi Chocolate US
Jacek Chocolate Couture CA - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Jordi's Chocolate CZ
KAD Kakoa TH
Kakaobolaget SE
Kallari EC
Karuna IT
Kasama Chocolate CA
Keverza Chocolate Concept LT
Krak Chocolade NL
Kyya Chocolate US
Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse FR
LetterPress Chocolate US
Lillie Belle Farms US
LIM Chocolate IT
Lonohana US
Lucocoa Chocolate GB
Luisa Abrams Chocolates BR
Madre Chocolate US
Malagos Chocolate PH
Malmö Chokladfabrik SE
Manoa Chocolate Company US
Map Chocolate US
Maraná PE
Marañón Chocolate PE
Markham & Fitz Chocolate Makers US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Marou Chocolate VN
Mason & Co Chocolate IN
Mast Brothers Chocolate US
Maverick Chocolate Co. US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
McGuire Chocolate CA - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Menakao FR
Metiisto Artisan Chocolate SE
Meyer Chocolaterie DE
MIA - Made in Africa UK
Michel Cluizel FR
Millcreek Cacao Roasters US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Mindo Chocolate Makers US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Misina Cokolada CZ - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Mirzam Chocolate Makers UAE
Mission Chocolate BR
Momotombo Chocolate NI
Monsieur Truffe AUS
Monsoon Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Nahua CR
Naviluna IN
NearyNogs Stoneground Chocolate UK
Nibble Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Night Owl Bean to Bar US
Nikadi CO
Noalya IT
9th & Larkin US
Nugali Chocolates BR
Obolo Chocolate CH - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Ocelot Chocolate UK
Ocho NZ
Oialla DK
Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co US
Omnom Chocolate IS
One One Cacao JM
Original Beans NL
Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory US
Orfeve CH
Pacari EC
Palette de Bine CA - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Parliament Chocolate US
Pascati Artisan Chocolatier IN
Petite Patrie Chocolat CA - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Plaq FR
Pralus FR
Potomac Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Pump Street Bakery GB
Puna Chocolate US
Qantu CA
Raaka Chocolate US
Ranger Chocolate US
Raphio Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Rausch Plantation Chocolates DE
República Del Cacao EC
River-Sea Chocolates US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Ritual Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé HU
Rukét Chocolate IT
Shattell Chocolate PE
Sibu Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Silvio Bessone IT
Sirene Chocolate CA
Sjolinds Chocolate House US
Sol Cacao US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Solkiki GB
Solstice Chocolate US
SOMA Chocolatemaker CA
Somerville Chocolate US
SPAGnVOLA US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Spencer Cocoa AU
SRSLY Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Sublime Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Sweetness Chocolate CA - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Tabal Chocolate US
Taza Chocolate US
Tejas Chocolate US
Terroir Chocolate US
Thea's Chocolate RO
Theo Chocolate US
The Smooth Chocolator AU
Tosier Chocolate UK - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Tribe Chocolate CA - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate US
Ultimately Chocolate CA
Valrhona FR
Vanini IT
Venchi IT
Vestri Cioccolato IT
Videri Chocolate Factory US
Vintage Plantations US
Vintage Plantations in Sweden SE
Wayfarer Chocolate SE
White Label Chocolate US
Wild Sweets CA
Wellington Chocolate Factory NZ
Willie's Cacao GB
WKND Chocolate US
Woodblock Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
Xocolatl Chocolate US
Zak's Chocolate US - Ecole Chocolat Grad
ZART Pralinen AT
Zokoko AU
Zoto BE

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Photography by Jessica Washburn, Bliss Chocolatier and Ecole Chocolat

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