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Mastering Chocolate Flavor

As a chocolate professional or chocolate lover, you probably taste chocolate all day, every day. Our Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program will give you the opportunity to focus on the intricacies of chocolate flavor, while helping you use chocolate more effectively in your professional or personal life. Understanding chocolate flavor and how to taste chocolate consciously will help you to create better and more interesting chocolate recipes. How do we teach chocolate making online?

Ecole Chocolat

Next Program: June 16 - August 11, 2017

How to register for the Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program:

We have kept the registration fee as low as possible to account for the added cost of the book and the chocolate you'll need for the guided tasting exercises (see the program pre-requisites below for more details).


If you don't have it already, you'll want to have a copy of our book Raising the Bar - The Future of Fine Chocolate before starting the program. We refer to different information in the book to help you with understanding cacao genetics and other information as it relates to what you are studying in the program. The book is available on Amazon in both print and eBook form. eBook versions are also available at: iTunes, Nook Books,Kobo, and Copia.

You'll want to set aside a budget for chocolate bars for your tasting exercises. You'll need from 3 - 4 different chocolates for each tasting assignment and there are five tasting assignments in the program. Once you register for the program, you'll be given the supply list or just email us and we'll get that to you.

When you're ready to register, click either of the following buttons to pay your registration fee of $120.00 US.

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Chocolate aficionados and home chocolate artisans!

If you want to become an expert in chocolate flavor, but are not a professional, you are welcome in this program. You register for the program but only complete those assignments that interest you - everything is optional. There is no pressure. We suggest you don't miss participating in Assignment 1, 2 and 4 as they are a lot of fun to do! And you only buy the chocolate supplies indicated for the assignments you want to complete.

Master Chocolate Flavor Curriculum

What Will I learn?

In this program for professionals and committed aficionados, we'll increase your knowledge of:

Chocolate tasting - exploring different methods for chocolate tasting to educate your tastebuds.

Cacao trees - how genetics and terroir produce specific hard-wired flavors.

Cacao farmers - how post-harvest processes on the farm impact flavor development.

Chocolate makers - how specific manufacturing processes in the factory bring out the best flavors of each bean.

Chocolatiers - how flavors and textures created through recipe development celebrate and enhance pure chocolate flavor.

Be prepared to put that knowledge to the test in a series of guided tasting exercises along the way. That's right, once you start to understand what makes chocolate flavor then the real work begins by tasting chocolate.

We encourage everyone in the program to work together on the optional tasting exercises and share their experiences. We encourage you to participate in the guided flavor discussions and even use our Learning Centre Live Chat function to taste and share your insights with each other in real time.

"Because you are a professional working in the chocolate industry, our goal in this program is to take your tasting skills to the next level by teaching you to taste chocolate consciously and better identify and understand the subtleties and nuances associated with chocolate flavor as they relate to recipe development. Whether you are a chocolatier or a chocolate maker, this interactive 100% online program will help you to use chocolate more effectively in your professional life."  Pam Williams

"During this program we'll discuss the four basic concepts that will help you taste chocolate more consciously and knowledgeably: the origins of cacao and terrior as they impact chocolate flavor; how flavor works, both physiologically and in chocolate; the elements that contribute to the flavor of a chocolate and last but not least, how to consciously use your knowledge of taste and flavor to better understand your chocolate and the product you create from it."  Rich Tango-Lowy

How our Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program works:

This program is all about tasting chocolate. Over 8 weeks, you will study chocolate flavor and taste many different types of chocolate. As you complete tastings, you'll share your experiences with your Flavor Coach and peers through our interactive, online Learning Centre!

At the end of the program, you will receive a digital Master of Chocolate Flavor Certificate.

Richard Tango-Lowy

Your Learning Experience

Richard Tango-Lowy, our Online Tutor and Flavor Coach
Dancing Lion Chocolate

Chocolatier Richard Tango-Lowy has been working with chocolate since 1996. Rich opened Dancing Lion Chocolate in Manchester, New Hampshire in 2007, where he sources small plantation and artisan chocolate for his bonbons and confections, each of which is made only one time. When he's not searching for new chocolate, you'll find Rich experimenting in the kitchen behind Dancing Lion's shop and cafe.

Rich says, "I've been actively tasting chocolate for at least 12 years. 'Actively tasting' means that I sit and mindfully, consciously explore a piece of chocolate with my eyes, ears, hands, nose, and mouth. No distractions, no thoughts, notebook before me, pen in hand. After years of tasting, my sense of "taste" has expanded and become much more sensitive; I've learned to 'taste'."

The lectures Ecole Chocolat has assembled here will not only guide you through the art of tasting, but will give you a solid base to understand what you're tasting and why. Different chocolates taste different for many reasons: genetics, environment, processing, and even your own mood."

When is the Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program offered during the year?

The Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program is offered each year in February (after Valentine's Day), June, and mid-September.

How do we teach chocolate tasting online?

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Our school faculty

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Focus on chocolate flavor

What our graduates have to say

"Yes, absolutely. Prior to taking this course, I was simply a “decorator” of fine chocolate creations. Not really into the nuances of chocolate taste...without the filling. I was a see food, eat food; see wine, drink wine person. This course has taught me to look at a variety of aspects of taste in not only my chocolates, but my food and wine as well." Tanya, July '16 Graduate

"I definitely gained a lot of knowledge about understanding and tasting chocolate. I will not go back to unconsciously tasting chocolate again. It was good to have the material to explain why and how we taste. I also have ideas and tools to improve my palate so I can become a better taster."
Cathy, Feb. '16 Graduate

"I expected to learn more about the art of tasting chocolate and flavour in the chocolate industry. My expectations were absolutely met. I thought the assignments gave me an opportunity to explore a lot of chocolate makers that I wouldn't have had a chance to try all at the same time and really be able to compare them. Plus, finding new favourites was a great bonus!"
Colleen, Feb. '16 Graduate

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel from the Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program if you have not enrolled in the program in our Learning Centre. A refund of your tuition fee minus a 10% administration fee may take approximately 10 working days to process. Once you use the Enrollment Key (which is sent to you upon receipt of your registration) to enroll into the program Learning Centre, your registration fee becomes non-refundable.