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Ecole Chocolat Reviews

Ecole Chocolat Reviews

At the end of each Ecole Chocolat program, we ask our students to fill out evaluation forms. Their responses help us to keep each of our program curriculums the best they can be to ensure our students reach their goals. The following quotes are taken from our student program evaluation forms over the past few years with permission from the student. We hope that they're helpful and informative.

What Our Students Say...

Christine, Sept, '21 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Yes, my expectations were met and exceeded. The curriculum allows for everyone to share via written and photo, which really enhances the learning experience. As a complete novice to chocolate making, the information was broad and useful. I believe Ecole Chocolat knows the breadth of its student's capabilities, and provides information, research and resources for all, regardless of experience. " 

Paige, Sept, '21 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Giving me a starting point to understanding the complexities of the chocolate industry. Helping me understand the importance of following each step when planning to start a chocolate business. Resources where fantastic. Expanding upon the resources given, gave me the opportunity to meet successful chocolatiers that my ideas align. Having the resource to communicate with fellow students. To be able to read other students final essays, gave me a different a different perspective of how others worked on each module. It was interesting to see some of the similarities and very different approaches. I found that it was a strength within the program to share both our failures and success with each assignment." 

Jennifer, Sept. ‘21 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"I don't really know exactly what I expected from this course, however I do believe I learned a lot about creating a chocolate product from bean to bars. So in short it was an excellent course. The videos from the different artisans was particularly helpful as I was able to see how it is done in the real world. Yes, I absolutely have a much better understanding of the process and therefore I have achieved my goal."

Joanna, Sept. ‘21 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"Yes, I learned a lot, specially regarding Fat Bloom. Examples of recipes, and common confections Aw and shelf life's. The instructor replied to my questions and that was very useful. thanks! :)"

Tara, June ‘21 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers Program

"In both the Professional Chocolatier program and this program I was amazed by the amount of information provided. I have bookmarked, printed and saved many articles to refer back to as I continue to plan and practice. I also enjoyed the feedback from fellow students, and it was reassuring to know that if I needed help I just had to reach out to Rachel. But, honestly, the course information was so thorough I found many answers to my questions just by re-reading lectures."

Zsuzsanna, May '21 Graduate, Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program

"You did deliver, and gave even more. Very thorough overview of the topic and lots of fun assignments. I love the way Rich approaches chocolate and how he shares his experience, thoughts and even poetry :) The month went away way to quickly! Yes, a lot. Even in fields where I had previous knowledge. You could show me even more. Thanks for paving my path with knowledge and experience on the "chocolate brick" road." 

Moji, April ‘21 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers Program

"Completely. I am really on top of it now. The resources made available in the course materials were enormous and quite relevant."

Anke, Mar, '21 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Ecole Chocolat far exceeded my expectations. It is not my first time studying online and compared to other programs, the programs here are above average. I look forward to extending my knowledge and taking on more courses. The tutors are available when you need them, emails get responded to in a timely manner and connecting with other students is encouraged. I always prefer the practical side of anything, but here the theory kept me just as invested. The lessons are fun and informative and there is always additional research, that may not be mandatory, but I find myself not passing up on any of them. The learning is extensive and reaches beyond the compulsory sections of the curriculum." 

Sarah, March. ‘21 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"Yes, the course definitely met my expectations. I thought the depth of knowledge and information was helpful and detailed. I think the course has helped advance my chocolate making and my understanding of the industry as well as, provided very useful resources for equipment down the road."

Suzanne, Jan, '21 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Yes. The curriculum was quite intensive - an enormous amount of research, readings, lectures, videos, and assignments packed into the 3 months. There is not one aspect of being a Chocolatier that was not touched on throughout the course and the resources, lists, and suppliers are priceless & will save so much time on my end. I went into the class with more than 2 decades of making chocolates as a hobby. I am self-taught & assumed that most of the skills that I've developed over the years were too amateur to embark on a professional career in chocolate. I was delighted to realize throughout this course that I know far more than I give myself credit for ... and even more delighted to have a professional educator and tutor teach me how to fill in my knowledge cracks with their expertise. I feel so much more confident now in both my existing & newly obtained knowledge to embark on my new company! I even added on the Business Plan for Chocolatiers lessons to learn every bit of knowledge that I can! Thank you!" 

Tina, January ‘21 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"The assignments were very pertinent to our own businesses. They really made us think of our products as well as moved us forward - the storage planning exercise was terrific for goal setting for me! I thought I would be overwhelmed but loved it all. The combination of written material, other reports and documentation to read, and videos provided a wide range of information catering to all skill and intellectual levels."

Tali, January ‘21 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers Program

"This curriculum was wonderful! I find in my state of readiness (or lack thereof) the information was a bit overwhelming. That said, I appreciate the direction, guidance, and resources! This is top-notch stuff!"

Jeremy, Sept. ‘20 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"Yes and no. Initially, I thought the course was going to be, "here's how you make chocolate. Let's follow these steps and we'll make some together." When in fact, the course was actually, "there's a lot more to making chocolate than just making chocolate. In fact, there is more to chocolate than we could possibly put into a course on chocolate making." I gained a greater and wider understanding of chocolate's breadth. I'm astounded by how much information was presented and by the realization that it's still just a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what's out there." 

Joyce, Sept, '20 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"In many ways my expectations were exceeded. I had some good prior experience working with chocolate , that I quickly learned turned out to be a lot of luck. In other words I didn't know what I did not know. I really had no idea how much variety existed and how expansive people work was in this industry. I really enjoyed the interaction between everyone involved. I learned as much reading my classmates notes as I did from experimenting with the recipes. I was also very inspired by the video links that were featured. I am a visual learner. I do best when I get a chance to first be shown how-to before doing." 

Ana, Sept, '20 Graduate, Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program

"The course was well structured. Each module of the course was linked to the subjects of the next module and that was very interesting. I really liked the way we started the tastings, with products that we all have at home and that we generally do not taste consciously. It was very interesting. In addition, Rich was always very approachable and clarifying our doubts. Because of this course I want to take the make chocolate bean to bar course. I loved the course in general. But I think the strong points were the tastings because they allowed us to put what we learned into practice. They also allowed us to discover the taste of fine cocoa that we were not familiar with." 

Jennifer, Sept. ‘20 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"Yes, what was taught was exactly what I was hoping for in order to forward my progress of starting a chocolate business. I found the course quite thorough. I liked the way the modules were set up, easy to follow and each led into the other. I also found the lectures and reading materials very thorough."

Lauren, June. ‘20 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers Program

"The course was very detailed and included a step by step process to complete a business plan. There were great websites, business models and spread sheets."

Patricio, Mar. ‘20 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"Yes, I was looking for a lot of information and techniques about how to make a good artisanal chocolate and I found it.The methodology how to taste and differentiate the bean of every region, the knowledge about the machines and the techniques of each process are the true value, with the guide of the instructor." 

Richele, Mar, '20 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"The strengths of this program are many. I found a solid history of chocolate, as well as a great way of explaining the science behind chocolate was extremely helpful. I loved the videos, as the visual is always helpful in seeing its application. The communication was wonderful, and the grading of assignments was prompt. I appreciated the feedback on the assignments. The layout of the program was on point and made sense to someone like me with no experience in working with chocolate. I feel I have a solid base to work off of now. The instructors were so positive, kind, and professional in their interactions, which made it less intimidating in starting something new with so much science to it. I could tell the curriculum is updated well." 

Tammy, Feb, '20 Graduate, Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program

"Yes, my expectations were definitely met in the class. Even without the face to face, I thought the online concept was a great strength. Doing the lesson at 2 in the morning if you wanted to! We got to see the feedback on other students, which is unheard of in most classes, and I thought that was really helpful. Since some of our students were experienced chocolatiers) or maybe budding ones, we got to see more ‘professional intakes’ than just the mentor’s." 

Natalia, Jan, '20 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Yes, my expectations were met in the curriculum. Thank you for rather comprehensive and holistic approach towards becoming a professional chocolatier. I'm thrilled I had the opportunity to be exposed to so many aspects of chocolate world from making to selling. Good structure, diversity, holistic approach, combination of lectures, articles, cross references... a treasure of valuable information all in one place. The assignments are very good to dive into the program as a motivation. Also the open communication with other participants is beautiful even if might have not made the best use of it." 

Jennifer, Aug. ‘19 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Yes, and more. Everything online was explained in a way I could understand. I enjoyed Module 5, planning production and sourcing packaging. It was a real “reality” eye-opener. I had worked with chocolate a bit in my pastry training and it was a bit intimidating. Being able to work with chocolate in my home, under a “no pressure” environment enabled me to relax a bit and really have fun and experiment." 

Maria, Sept. ‘19 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"Yes, I took this course as a good introduction to chocolate making and I feel like I got that. Even though I'm primarily a grower, the course was relevant to me for knowing the next stages of the process. The pace and quantity of content was just about right since most of us are full time working professionals. it was also clear that this course has been battle-tested as many of the questions that could pop up (technical, sourcing, etc) were already anticipated and answered along the way. I also appreciated the optional exercises and forums...not everyone has the time to participate but it's good to have the options. there is also a good selection of subject matter experts that the course draws from around the world." 

David, Sept. ‘19 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life for Chocolatiers Program

"Primarily, my goal was to be more comfortable with water activity and keeping limits, so yes. The exercises in GMPs and Control Point planning were helpful as I establish my kitchen and jump through the hoops pf permit evaluations. The issues are real and confusing. Every business person will face these issues as some point. The wealth of resources provided. The glimpse into scientific and industry standards and specifications are eye opening, daunting for me as a small business person. The scientific evaluations that you have engaged and allowed us to observe are fantastic. The research table by Kerry Beal, comparing Aw in varying formulas, is very helpful." 

Dana, Nov. ‘19 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers Program

"Yes, they were. The program is very complex, with a lot of details and practical information." 

Deborah, Mar. ‘19 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"I would say that the whole program was very well developed, a strong program with a short duration thus enabling anyone to take it, fast paced but well divided, lots of information but not overwhelming, you can go back to do more research and still be able to finish all assignments. Each module was very concise and had all the information we need to research and decide for ourselves which direction to go, deadlines were given, our tutor was always there to help, the overall support system was excellent, the platform was user friendly and quite honestly I personally was surprised with the amount of information we had available." 

Colin, Mar. ‘19 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"The program included information we might never have had access to otherwise. So yes, it was a great course that really prepares one for the world of craft chocolate. The instructor has a strong, balanced understanding of chocolate making and growing. She has real experience in everything that is taught."

Kandice, June ‘19 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers Program

"I very happy it was a self-paced, online course that allowed me to absorb information at my convenience. This was my primary motivator to taking this course and would highly recommend it to others. The intro to SEO, Google AdWords, etc. was the most beneficial part of the course because I had no prior exposure and the content was easy to follow along." 

Nikki-Lynn, Jan. ‘19 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"I didn't know what to expect going into this. I honestly was uncertain how reliable an online program would be for a craft that requires so much instruction and hands on experience. I started working with chocolate at 16 years old, I am now in my 30’s and have been self taught, after going through this program I was thrilled to know that there’s still so much to learn about chocolate. This program opened my eyes to look at chocolate in a different way and gave me many ideas to apply to my future in the chocolate industry. It was also a great refresher for things I had just simply forgotten over the years." 

Marie, Feb. ‘19 Graduate, Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program

"To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect from this course, as it is the first one I took in this format. I was wondering how having an online tasting course could work, but it actually did! The coursework was interesting and I learned a lot by reading the material. The assignments were interested and well linked to the course. So yes, my expectations were met! I did gain the knowledge to better understand chocolate flavor. I was a beginner amateur when I started, now I feel like an advanced amateur! Reading and tasting and taking time to think about what I tasted and learning how to put words on it really helped. Learning about the chocolate making process and the different stages helped me understand how flavor can be impacted at every stage."   

Lisa, Sept. ‘18 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"One of the best aspects of a typical Ecole Chocolat course (this is my third!) is the sharing of assignments with fellow students.  I not only learn from the assignments, but feel that it sets an excellent precedent for the way that Chocolatiers should do business. In other words, we are in the business of helping each other to succeed. The cooperative attitude is so helpful and important for small business owners in general and also for the future success of the chocolate field in specific. I don't know of any other programs that encourage this in the same way that Ecole Chocolat does. I think this is the cardinal aspect that sets Ecole Chocolat above the competition."   

Blanca, Sept. ‘18 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"I was a little hesitant to take the course since I had already been working from the Bean for years now. I wanted to explore the possibility of moving into a Bean to Bar business/Craft because I have been making chocolate by hand and desired to gain an idea of what that all would entail. My expectations of this course were not only met, but exceeded. I now, have a clear idea of what is required to achieve Fine chocolate bars. Everything from the sourcing of great beans, to using the right machines, and different techniques I had not been aware of before."

Jody, Aug. ‘18 Graduate, Professional Chocolater Program

"I think that I gained the knowledge that will allow me to begin my adventure with chocolate.  I have a lot to learn, but I feel like Ecole Chocolat jumpstarted my chocolate interests and I can't wait to use all of the knowledge I have learned to do some amazing things!"

Andre, Mar. ‘18 Graduate, Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program

"I feel I gained new knowledge on many different angles of, not only chocolate tasting, but tasting in general. This course has filled in critical gaps in my tasting abilities and I look forward to build on. As this new-found knowledge is put into practice in daily situations, I anticipate the penny will drop very often."

David, Mar. ‘18 Graduate, Professional Chocolater Program

"The in depth look at chocolate from start to finish. The overall subject of chemistry in chocolate and its different stages. The Master's Table. The interview with the different chocolate makers was phenomenal. All of the videos were extremely helpful. There are so many strengths. Thank you."

Tyler, Mar. ‘18 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"I wasn't really sure what to expect since I have never taken an online course and am also brand new to this industry. I feel that the information and insight that I have gained through this course I wouldn't have been able to obtain on my own. I liked the way you had it structured and the emphasis on the tastings. The tastings however were crucial and have proven to be very valuable as I have met with or spoken with other makers. To be able to speak and understand the effect that different beans from around the world have on a makers bar is very helpful."

Kate, Jan. ‘18 Graduate, Professional Chocolater Program

"I had high expectations and the were met and exceeded. At first I wondered how an online chocolate making class would work. In the end I learned much more than anticipated. The content is extensive and very well focused. Learning from people that were and/or are involved in an Artisinal chocolate business is the key. The program provides incredible insight into every aspect of starting a chocolate making business. This class offers an amazing bang for the buck!"

Doris, April. ‘18 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers Program

"I am very happy with all the knowledge acquired during the course. It is essential to understand how the administrative part works before starting a business to avoid losses. A business plan is the first step to know how much money we have, people that we need to hire and steps that we must follow until we obtain the first quality product for ours consumers."

Penny, Jan. ‘18 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"Yes and exceeded. There was so much information but it was all so focused that I felt very connected to the readings and lectures and information provided. I learned a great deal. It was very interesting."

Jennifer, Nov. ‘17 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers Program

"Lots of good, invasive questions to help chocolatiers think about all aspects of the business. Too often there is an aspect of business startup that hits you out of left field that becomes a total discouragement on startup. Nice to have probing questions to help you think through all aspects of the business before you start."

Ramsey, Oct. ‘17 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Fast Track Program

"Yes, I learned so much in this course! I have SOOO Much more to learn and practice but most definitely got the fundamentals down."

Jefrey, Oct. ‘17 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"Knowledge sharing, insightful information, thought provoking assignments, in-depth understanding of materials and use, forum with knowledgable expert in field, planning assignments to help understand best practices for running a clean business operation in line with health standards."

Elena, Sept ‘17 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"More than I thought It would be, congratulations to the program and THANK YOU so much to Pam and specially Julio for their support and wisdom with their expertise. Julio always give us great advice when answering our questions."

Zelia, Sept ‘17 Graduate, Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program

"Yes! You exceeded my expectations. Content is treated in more depth than I thought it would be."

Susan, Aug. ‘17 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

“I learned SO much and feel like I have a much better grasp on making beaitul and delicious chocolate than I did before taking the class. I loved seeing what other students were creating and interacting with them. Thank you for offering an online Professional Chocolatier program that people from all walks of life have available to them.”

Valentina, Jan. ‘17 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

“The knowledge I gained in this course will help me following the required standards in chocolate business. The goals were to improve my Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life skills and they have been achieved.”

Eva, March ‘17 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

“The course demystified many aspects of the bean-to-bar process that proved impossible to research online. It was helpful to have someone with intimate knowledge of the process gathering and organizing the relevant information for a cohesive study plan.”

Shannon, Aug. ‘16 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

“The lectures were a lot more in depth than I expected them to be. I feel like I’ve learned so much, and had a ton of fun doing it.”

Luchie, April ‘16 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

“The curriculum is meaty and requires attention and dedication by the student. The amount of time you'll spend going through the modules is not to be underestimated. I learned so much!”

Meryem, Jan. ‘16 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

“I appreciated being able to have the lessons online so I could read them and I was glad there were no time limits on when the reading needed to be done. I thought the feedback from the instructors was helpful and also the Chef's Table where I could see what others had done and learn from them as well.”

Karma, Jan. ‘16 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

“I'm not sure what my expectations were before beginning, but I definitely learned a lot.  More than anything, I'm more aware of the risks for contamination. I'm able to address shelf life and contamination risk issues better and I'm better able to minimize those risks.”

Guzanne, Sept. '15 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"Above and beyond. I had some expectations at the beginning of the course, but I learned about things I did not even know were involved in chocolate making. Loved the in-depth discussions and the videos; master hangouts were my favorite. It is very interesting to listen to other chocolate makers and all their opinions."

Irby, Oct. '15 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"You get what you put in to this kind of program.  So I worked hard within my limitations and learned so much about chocolate and the industry. I was intimidated as well as inspired by some of my fellow students who are clearly on a professional path!  Loved the program and would recommend to anyone interested in the chocolate industry."

Steve, Mar. '15 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers Program

"I am well on my way to writing a business plan that will help me meet my goals and objectives as well as helping me obtain outside funding if that becomes necessary. In addition, it will be a great tool for helping me evaluate my progress towards my business goals. I look forward to using it as a living document over the years."

Marie, Sept. '15 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"Yes. A lot of informatio nthat's very useful and that opened my eyes".

Maria, June '15 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

“I thought I would focus on recipes and decoration, but the course goes far beyond that. Videos are very easy to understand; articles are very interesting and educational. I'm really happy with what I have learned so far.”

Caitlin, March '15 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

“Good information about everything from working with chocolate to aspects of having your own chocolate business. This course covers it all. Although my sister and I already own our chocolate shop, I learned so much in the course. It helped me get comfortable with practicing and making mistakes. I am much less intimidated by the chocolate now!”

Jeff, April '15 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

“Dr. Kerry was patient and superb in this program. She answered all my questions instantly. . . I learned a lot, but this is only a start. I wouldn't call this the finish line, but at least I'm not running barefoot now.”

Mariella, 2015 Vancouver Masters Program

“This program presented the opportunity for me to start my business by learning from Joanne what worked and what did not work for her.  There is now no need to reinvent the wheel.  She advised to start small and build accordingly. . .The group of six also assisted in our learning.There was always fantastic integration as we all learned from each other.”

Natasha, Nov. '14 Graduate, Chocolate Maker from the Bean Program

"I felt like there was so much information I needed to gather to be chocolate maker, and I was a bit confused on how to start. But this course has answered my questions on how to become a chocolate maker, even though it didn't mention a lot about Indonesian chocolate (as that is my goal). But the understanding about how to be an artisan in fine chocolate is quite comprehensive here."

Sergio, Nov. '14 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

“ I'm enjoying more tempering by hand. It's all about practice and feeling comfortable with the products and materials. I learned how to develop a tasting palate, how recipes are developed, how to source my own equipment and research suppliers, how to craft chocolate products and how to store them. The feedback from the tutors showed me things I can improve and so challenge myself to be a great chocolate artisan."

Celia, Sept. '14 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

“The product testing, storage plan and HAACP documentation were very helpful in formulating what I need to consider for creating a chocolate business . . . I also found myself much more cognizant of food contamination, preventative measures, and areas where I could improve my products, even in my home kitchen for now.”

Kim, March ’14 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

“I was hesitant to take the course because I figured I could learn from books, etc. But the assignments we were asked to do really resonated with me and allowed me to set aside time to develop my skills.”

Jo, 2014 Vancouver Masters Program

“ Based on what I had read about the course, I had high expectations for the practical skills I would learn and these were more than met.  It was the extent of the support and experience shared by the team at Cocoa West and also the other students which I didn't expect and truly appreciated."

Susan, Aug. ’14 Graduate, Business Plan Program

“I had previosuly researched and found several comprehensive business plan formats that I attempted to use. But I quickly realized that business planning isn’t a form-fillling exercise. Your program helped me think of areas I hadn’t even considered, and the sequential arrangement of the material helped me to go from step to step and feeling like I was making progress.”

Vitor, March ’14 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

“I was humbled and touched by the generosity of shared knowledge and information throughout the course. The richness and the effort put into this course is amazing. I was taken by how well-tailored and how deep this course was.”

Samuel, March ’14 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

“Every inch of skepticism I had about an online-based training for such a job vanished after the first few hours into the program. It is demanding and I really liked practicing a lot to achieve the desired results.”

Jean, Jan. ’14 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

“I have not yet started my chocolate business so the course far exceeded my expectations. . . It would have taken me years to research this information on my own.”

Ann, Sept. ’13 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

“All of the case studies on today’s chocolate makers were a fascinating read – and the videos were great as well. I also loved the business info at the end.”

Cynthia, Sept. ’13 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"Wonderful details about recipe development and all that should be considered. The program clearly illustrates how to set up best practices for a chocolate business. It clearly shows the pitfalls and how to avoid them as well as best practices for best results.”

Johnna, Aug. ’13 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

“I expected to learn how to temper chocolate and make confections. However, I never dreamed I would learn such an in-depth history of chocolate, how the cacao beans are prepared, and the social issues surrounding the industry. . . I have never had such success in an online class before.”

Cindy, Aug. '13 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers

"I've taken many business courses and have never understood why they're designed to be so difficult for students to understand – no real life examples, no relevant information and very convoluted. This was not my experience with this course. Business profs could learn and benefit from your course layout and design."

Darrin, June '13 Graduate, Chocolate Making From the Bean Program

"The greatest strength of the chocolate-making program at Ecole Chocolat is the depth of knowledge possessed by Pam Williams and our tutor, Julio Fernandez. Their hands-on experience and obvious passion for producing high-quality chocolate make this program a fantastic learning experience."

Diane, March '13 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"I'm amazed at how much I learned in such a short time. Thank you so much for this course. It has been a transformative experience."

Rosemarie, 2013 Graduate, Belgium Master Program

"It all still seems surreal to me that we had the rare opportunity to be taught by Chef Jean Pierre Wybauw, a classic master chocolatier, and to meet Chef Bart who is such a maverick chocolatier. I am so inspired and challenged to learn more."

Renee, Jan. '13 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"I expected that I would learn the basics of chocolatiering, and that I would gain product knowledge, but the program offered so much more than that. I love the marketing and business research and tools, and the ability to connect with EC grads and other students in my class."

Pierre, Sept. '12, Vancouver Masters Program

"I was happily surprised to see how easy it was to make good chocolate when helped by professionals (really different from my kitchen tries). Very good training. . .Would suggest time be allowed to practice by ourselves on truffles, candies, sculptures, cakes, packaging, perhaps with only minimal supervision."

Bettina, Sept. '12, Mastering Color on Chocolate Program

"I thoroughly enjoyed the program and found both Joanne and her husband to be very knowledgeable and wonderful people. The other students were lovely and it was a delight to get to know them. My only critique is that I felt the work area was too tight for what we were doing."

Patrick, Jan. '12 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Overall an excellent program. I was very impressed with it and would strongly recommend it to anyone. You have designed a great program."

Katarina, Jan. '12, Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"The program met all my expectations. This was my first time with Ecole Chocolat and I must say I really had a great time! The program helped me to gain an overview and confidence in all different issues related to food safety and shelf life of bonbons. It also contained lots of useful links for further study."

Aleksandra, Jan. '12, Graduate, Business Plan Program

"Absolutely!! The guest lectures by Rachel were really helpful in understanding the concepts related to setting up of business and also to manage it effectively."

Linda, Oct. '11 Graduate, Professional Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"The program covered a tremendous amount of information that, for me, was mandatory after taking the professional chocolatier program. I am now equipped to start a professional business with confidence about Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life and understanding the laws of the industry."

Jan, Sept. '11 Graduate, Chocolate Making From the Bean Program

"The class surpassed my expectations. It was an excellent eye-opener that gave a wonderfully realistic view of the exciting, complex and challenging world of bean-to-bar manufacturing. This course introduced so many topics and tips that may not be on the students' radar screens. It literally saved me a year or more of research. I would not be able to consider the possibility of bean-to-bar manufacturing without taking this class."

Terri, Aug. '11 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"I was a little skeptical about taking an online chocolate program, but decided to take a chance and I'm so glad I did. I learned far more than I ever expected to. . .There are so many strengths to the program including: a vast number of web links; videos on various techniques; helpful instructors who provide useful feedback in a timely fashion; sharing assignments with other fellow students to learn from one another; and industry contacts, to name just a few."

Barbara, Jan. '11 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"Absolutely!  I am amazed at the amount of information provided. I am still reading and learning.  It was also interactive.  I made new friends from all over the world. And the critical information is all organized and placed in a binder.  I will continue to update this binder and tweak it to fit my unique situation.  This course gave me the tools to do just that. Without this course,  I would not have known where to begin."

Marlene, Jan. '11 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"I found (the program) stimulating, exciting and it exceeded all my expectations. The program was very well rounded in that it gave a balanced overview of the chocolate industry from all angles, the history, technique of chocolate making, fair trade and related issues and the significance of all those factors that influence the establishment and maintenance of a successfull business. I found the information on social media particularly significant as it is not something I have used in my present business and I will be expanding on this in any future endeavours. Although many of us may aspire to be chocolatiers, the program allows us to examine our own strenghths and weaknesses and come to our own conclusions about our capabilities."

Theresa, Jan. '11 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life for Chocolatiers Program

"Expectations were exceeded. So much packed into the curriculum with a lot of supplemental information to reinforce the basics at the click of a button. Absolutely! Nice to know that I won't be inadvertantly poisoning anyone anytime soon. . ."

John, Jan. '11 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"I have learned many things in this course in an unbelievably short time. I'm very pleased, not only with the sheer amount of education material available but also with the amazing ease of the step-by-step learning process. Ecole Chocolat have managed to put every single item of information into an online course, especially the video demonstrations on working with chocolate."

Laura, Jan. '11 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"I think this course has propelled me on my path to starting an artisan chocolate business. I have created a foundation of useful knowledge that I will be able to build upon. I have not found any other culinary programs in the U.S. dedicated solely to chocolate, so the Ecole Chocolat program has given me knowledge that I could not find anywhere else. The strengths of the program were the volume of information provided in the lectures, the up-to-date information provided (news articles, video, etc), and the fast turn-around time of graded assignments."

Jeannie, Sept. '10 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Absolutely!  I never expected such an extensive collection of information in an online course. I have taken online courses for my M.Ed. and we were never provided with so many articles and references. The course was so thorough, that I did not have to look for outside information at all."

Billy, Sept. '10 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"I expect to learn about how to make chocolate from bean but I received much more than that. The course gave me a profound knowlegde on how to taste chocolate, where in the world the bean are growing, a plan of action, how to start a chocolate business, including a lot of real examples. It is not only the topics but the quality of the information. Before the course, I bought 10 books about chocolate but I feel the material of the course allowed me to gain more knowledge than what I found in the books. The information is so well prepared that it can only come from people with a lifetime of experience in this field. Pam, I want to take this opportunity to thank for your excellent work."

Charlotte, Sept. '10 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life for Chocolatiers Program

"With all of this information at my disposal I now feel confident that I will be able to implement a rigid and practical Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life program in my own facility.The links were invaluable and even though I may not need to refer to some of them immediately, I know I will be looking for that exact information later in my endeavors. I also understood the tempering process in a totally different way this time around, in relation to shelf life of products.

Nicole, Sept. '10 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"It was more thorough and challenging than I even imagined, covering everything from research, intensive coursework on sourcing chocolate, bulk ingredients and equipment, selecting packaging and designing a production line to hands-on practice tempering chocolate and making chocolate confections."

Jamie, July '10 Graduate, Business Plan for Chocolatiers Program

"Yes I gained the knowledge that I needed because most of the content & examples were presented from the perspective of chocolate businesses. It addressed my questions and it helped me to focus and organize my objectives within the business plan. The worksheets were helpful and guided me through the modules to better understand each area of the business plan. I now have the tools to finish building my plan."

Katrina, April '10 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"Very well organized and complete information. The video clips were nice too. A job well done also on assembling information from a multitude of publications and articles into a nice coherent curriculum."

Nancy, April '10 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"My expectations were met beyond anything I had imagined. I had some serious doubts about an online chocolatier learning program. I felt that to move forward, I had to do something and this curriculum promised what I hoped to learn to increase my expertise in chocolate making. I can honestly say that Ecole Chocolat excels in understanding online teaching and 'gets' their student base."

Brigid, Jan. '10 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"My expectations were not only met but far exceeded. It was my first experience with on-line learning and it was fantastic. The real strenght of this course is that it takes you on a journey in which you get an insider's view of the world of chocolate. The insights you get from leaders and professionals in the industry are amazing. The course covers all aspects of the industry, not just the making of chocolate. It forces you to face the reality of the business side of the industry. If you are thinking about a career in chocolate then this is the course for you."

Duffy, Sept. '09 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"The course far exceeded my expectations. The curriculum was well organized, the content packed with relevant and up-to-date information, delivered in a direct and inspirational manner. It was a wonderful experience taking this course."

Jennifer, Sept. '09 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"My expectations for this class were met and vastly exceeded.  From what I had read about the course before I began, I was expecting a great class.  However, when I actually began the class, it was so much more comprehensive than I had imagined.  The makers of this class have really done an amazing job of creating informative materials and collecting a great deal of knowledge about so many aspects of the chocolate-making process and the chocolate industry into the single resource of this class. This class allowed me to easily learn techniques and have access to information that would have taken me ages to find and explore on my own. I had to work hard for this class, but I had so much fun doing it!  It really was a wonderful experience!  Thank you!"

Loyd, Sept. '09 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Yes! I feel well equipped to advance my current chocolate business. The curriculum was actually more than I expected. I wasn't sure how chocolate making and business planning could be taught via the web, but they did it and I have a learned a ton."

James, May '09 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"I believe the large amount of information is the program's greatest strength - each topic was covered thoroughly, including not only the instructor's lessons but links to detailed information from all parts of the chocolate industry."

James, April '09 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"The modules were fantastic. The program definitely met my expectations. I started the course daydreaming about making chocolates...upon graduation I feel I have all the necessary information to actually open and manage a successful chocolate shop."

Sylvie, Jan. '09 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Despite my initial skepticism about the ability of an online program to help me master the techniques required for a professional chocolatier, I think I actually learned more through this class than I would have through traditional practical training. Performing the techniques in my own kitchen allowed me to make multiple trials and errors until I mastered the techniques, which wouldn't have been possible in a traditional class format where we have to keep up with the pace of the class."

Joao, Jan. '09 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life for Chocolatiers Program

"This program was quite comprehensive on quality, production, sanitation, food safety, shelf-life recommendations, storage, ingredient specification, preservative use and limits in chocolate making. It was intense and generated curiosity and thinking and interest. A great manual in quality production."

Joanne, Sept. '08 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Most of my previous learning has been in a face-to-face environment, either classroom or hands on/coaching. I wasn't sure what level of communication would be achieved and how that would impact my learning. However, the vast amount of information available, the various sources it comes from, the way it is presented and the ease of using the site all contributed to this being a great learning experience for me. Very informative, ample amount of time in between assignments, good feedback provided on the work submitted. I think the school is run very professionally and lives up to the commitments made to the students. Schedules for module information are kept, emails are answered quickly and updates/changes are timely. The school has created a very positive and encouraging environment that feels friendly and inviting!"

Phoebe, Sept. '08 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"Yes, I did. I set out to learn the chocolate process starting from cacao plantations and I definitely learned that. The modules are packed full of information that anybody who is serious in starting this business will find crucially important. The information I have gathered will be sources of reference for me long after I have gone into this business."

Linda, Sept. '08 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"Yes, this course is full of information, much more then I could have imagined. I didn't know what to expect because I knew there was so much info I needed to know. However this was exceptional. "

Bola, April '08 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"My expectations were exceeded – in all honesty I was unsure on what to expect. I had read the testimonials from others and thought anyone of the tutors could have done the writeups. I found the course content extremely relevant, valuable and useful and have downloaded quite a few articles to keep in my library. I found that one module built up on the next. Although learning is a continuous process I feel that I now have the grounding to begin work as a chocolatier. I was happy with the prompt tutor response to queries I raised. This course completely challenged and focused me – it has given me a sound solid base of what I need to do to establish myself. I am so pleased I did this course and would recommend it to others. Thank you"

Katrina, May '08 Graduate, Chocolate Making from the Bean Program

"Yes, I was particularly pleased with the way the skills aspect was taught – something I had envisaged would be very difficult over the internet."

Lynn, Jan.' 08 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Yes, most definitely. The curriculum exceeded my expectations. Everything for me in the beginning was intimidating and like anything else in life, working with chocolate required a bit of practice. Once I understood how chocolate works and how not to panic, I was good to go and I was able to relax and enjoy to process of learning. Today I can look back and laugh at that intimidation and I can look forward to a whole world opening up when it comes to using different ingredients, textures and colors with chocolate!

I will be highly recommending this course. At first people couldn’t believe that it was 100% online and little by little they saw my improvement, my technique developing. I’m a true believer that what you put into something you will get out of it. This course required my focus, determination, passion, heart, courage and gave me a firm foundation that has added to my business as a Personal Chef and even more, the course added another level of skill, talent, and also gave me another goal to work towards! Thank you so much!"

Michelle, Jan. '08 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"It taught me what I expected to learn with regard to keeping limits but I learned a tremendous amount of information that I did not realize I needed to know at this early stage in the process of preparing to start a business."

Sue, Sept. '07 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Completely! I haven't been challenged like this in a long time. The curriculum removed me from my comfort zone, which I greatly enjoyed. At times I was overwhelmed with all the information, but it only made me realize that chocolate is a serious business and one that I cannot take lightly if I am to succeed."

Deb, Sept. '07 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Yes, I learned more in three months than I ever have in any other course I've taken. I had no idea what I was really going to learn, but this has really given me the foundation to take the next steps to starting a business. Plus, I look forward to practicing the chocolate making techniques we learned.It opened my eyes to a whole new world of chocolate.

It was so well rounded. I learned things about the chocolate business it would have taken years to figure out on my own. The list of suppliers was amazing and the "tours" of places like Paris and New York really made me feel like I was there. Inspiring! The exercises were really challenging – they forced me into thinking about my own business. There was enough information provided to start me off and then I was able to research more to suit my needs. It was great to be able to focus on my own vision. It made it such a useful way to do exercises."

Ivanka, April '07 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"The course exceeded my expectations. I kept reading this in your testimonials but it does not really become true until you have experienced it... Once immersed in the lectures, it became a virtual classroom in my mind, and it ceased to matter that "Pam" was not standing there in the flesh. The tangential explorations, both as directed by the course and self-directed through curiosity, were beneficial.

I always felt as though Pam was present, and the personal touch of the lecturer's voice was very appreciated. The greatest strength of the program is the depth of knowledge presented to us, and the confident and benevolent virtual presence of both Pam and Heidi. The gradual build-up of background knowledge and the flow of the course material was obviously well planned."

Isabel, April '07 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"I think the strength is the broad range on aspects that are reviewed. The basics for building the GMP plan and the shelf-life tests on the master recipes are the strongest points in the course. They are a fantastic base!! As with all the Ecole Chocolat curriculums, this is another interesting, full of knowledge and mind opener course."

Christopher, Jan. '07 Graduate, Professional Chocolatier Program

"Absolutely: I was almost overawed with the amount of literature and articles that were made available. This alone was worth the money -- but the expert "on call" advice of Pam and Heidi was invaluable. I would recommend this course to anyone who was serious about becoming a chocolatier in a heart beat!"

Penny, Jan. '07 Graduate, Chocolate Quality and Shelf Life Program

"I thought this was an excellent follow-up course to the chocolatier program. It should be an industry requirement for every chocolatier. To me, this is a stepping off point to further my education in this field. This is an intriguing field and not just chocolate specific. I found it extremely interesting and learned a great deal. Thanks goes to the staff and all of their efforts for a job well done."

Ecole Chocolat graduates are an international group. They have completed our programs from many different countries:

















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Photography by Jessica Washburn, Bliss Chocolatier and Ecole Chocolat

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