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Digital Marketing for Chocolate Businesses

WEBINAR: Selling Your Products Online- Mastering Digital Marketing for Chocolate Businesses

The Mastering Digital Marketing for Chocolate Businesses Webinar is an online, two week program for chocolate business owners struggling with their digital marketing. During this webinar, you will learn about critical aspects of your website, how to execute a successful social media strategy, and email marketing. After the live webinar, you will have access to program resources and the Chef's Table in Learning Centre for 2 weeks so that you can ask questions. There will be a live, one hour coaching session at the end of the two weeks where you can ask any additional questions you have. You'll receive a toolbox of tangible tips and strategies you can implement for your business!

Webinar Date & Time: July 10 from 10am - 12pm PDT

Follow up live coaching session: July 24, 2024 from 10am - 11am PDT

This webinar will help you to examine your current digital marketing strategies for your chocolate business, identifying your challenges and learning about solutions to help. We understand that many chocolate business owners are solopreneurs - you may do production, fulfillment, shipping, customer service, and marketing, all before lunch! This webinar will help you find practical strategies to overcome your online marketing challenges.

This Digital Marketing for Chocolate Businesses Webinar includes:

The two hour, live webinar session

The live session will be recorded, so if you can't watch it live, you can catch up with the recording.

Two weeks of access to our online Learning Centre with additional marketing resources and our online Chef's Table where you can ask additional questions.

The one hour, live coaching session

Registration fee: $200.00 US funds for US and International Residents
$200.00 CAD funds for Canadian Residents plus GST

When you're ready to pay your registration fee of $200.00 please click here: REGISTER NOW

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What Will I Learn?

Understanding your brand vision & strategy

  • Clearly articulating your brand origin story, values, and goals.
  • Identifying your ideal customer.
  • Establishing the foundation for your communication strategies that tell the story of what differentiates your brand and resonates with your ideal customer.
  • Using this foundation to guide the development of a digital marketing content library for your business.

Web Presence

  • Reviewing your current website for optimal user experiences.
  • Basic overview of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Creating a plan to refresh your web content.

Social Media Strategy & Content

  • Hone your social media strategy, including planning & developing content.
  • Building an engaged community.
  • Tips and tricks for specific social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to drive engagement and sales.
  • Tools for managing social media content development and delivery.
  • Photography


  • Understanding the importance of building a list of newsletter subscribers.
  • Creating an email marketing strategy to keep your newsletter subscribers engaged and turn them into customers.
  • Growing and managing your email list.
  • Creating and timing email newsletters for optimal response.

Your Learning Experience

Your instructor is Ecole Chocolat's Program & Marketing Director, Alysha Kropf. Since 2014, she has been responsible for developing and executing all of Ecole Chocolat's digital marketing strategies. She will share all that she's learned with you, in the ever changing world of social media. Alysha holds a Master's of Science in Management from the Smith School of Business at Queen's University.

Through this webinar, Alysha will help you take a hard look at your digital marketing strategies, beginning with the heart of your business - your vision. You will gain practical tips and tricks that you can implement immediately to help you develop better digital marketing strategies to connect with your customers.

Is there a restriction on the number of students you take each session?

Even though this is a webinar-based class, we will cut off registrations when we reach the maximum number of students our instructor feels they have adequate time to be able to work with properly during the two weeks after the webinar when registrants will have access to Learning Centre.


Please note that this webinar will be delivered in English.

Again, please note that this webinar is not for students who are thinking about starting a chocolate business and have not yet created a digital marketing strategy. This is for business owners looking to improve their existing digital marketing strategies.

Pre-requisite: A basic understanding of how to use mobile social media apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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What our graduates have to say

"5- Alysha is fantastic and the programs Ecole Chocolate provides are always quality material that hit the mark! Thanks for continuing to build these!"
Laureen, 2023 Graduate

“Yes, I’m just beginning to delve into digital marketing, well, at least with more purpose. Now I have more tools to work with to make a more professional look.”
Nannette, 2023 Graduate

“Great class to learn the basics of social media marketing. Alysha is a great teacher to learn from. I loved that you mentioned all the platforms and gave tips and provided different programs for each one that can help. I already use "later & canva" but it was nice learning other programs that I can explore and possible try out. Also alot of people dont know those resources. The biggest thing that helped me in this was the details on doing reels and photo slides. I dont do many videos and would have never thought about doing a photo slide, so Thankyou!!”
Amanda, 2022 Graduate

More comments from our graduates

Cancellation policy

You can cancel from the Marketing Chocolate Webinar up to three days before the start of the program. A refund of your registration fee, minus a 10% administration fee, may take approximately 10 working days to process. Because our programs are usually full, and in order to make sure all students are committed, on the start date of your program your registration fee becomes non-refundable and non-transferable to another session (except in extraordinary circumstances).

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Photography by Jessica Washburn, Bliss Chocolatier and Ecole Chocolat

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