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Chocolatier at Home

Chocolate Ganache

Ready to explore your love of chocolate, but not as a business?

Within our Professional Chocolatier Program we offer the Chocolate Technique and Flavor stream for home chocolate artisans. You will learn everything you need to know about making beautiful chocolates and developing delicious recipes that amaze your family and friends. How do we teach chocolate making online?


Next program: January 13 - April 14, 2023.

Professional Chocolatier Program Registration Fee:

$750.00 US funds for US and International Residents
$750.00 CAD funds for Canadian Residents plus GST

Note: The registration fee does not include ingredients or supplies. These could cost approximately $200 US depending on what kitchen supplies you already own.

Simply register for the Professional Chocolatier Program (not Plus with Business Plan) and then opt for this stream by completing only the required assignments during the program. There is no difference in the depth and quality of education that you receive when it comes to making chocolate. You simply won't complete the sections related to starting a chocolate business.


When is the Professional Chocolatier Program offered during the year?

We offer sessions of the program starting in January, March and August each year.

Is there a restriction on the number of students you take each session?

Even though the curriculum is online, we do cut off registrations when we reach the maximum number of students our instructor and online tutor feel they have adequate time to be able to work with properly.

TO ENSURE A SEAT IN THE PROGRAM, check the program date above to see if the current session is still open. When the program is full, we change the program date to the future session.

Chocolate Truffles

What Will I Learn?

Understanding chocolate

  • Develop a shopping list of chocolate-making suppliers for all your ingredients and supplies.
  • Research chocolate crystallization and practice tempering techniques – the building blocks of chocolate work.
  • Understand the issues around cocoa sustainability and social justice in order to make chocolate sourcing choices that align with your values.

Technique and production

  • Learn modern decorating techniques in preparation for recipe development.
  • Learn and practice working with chocolate (including chocolate tempering, dipping, decorating and molding)
  • Make chocolate recipes including chocolate truffles and other bonbons (filled chocolates).
  • Learn all this while you are with us for three months so we can get all your questions answered.

Physiology of taste

  • Understand the chemistry of chocolate to create successful chocolate recipes.
  • Learn all about the ingredients in the chocolates you love.
  • Set up a chocolate tasting for your friends and be prepared to be amazed.

Our Learning Experience

Committed to making organic chocolate, vegan chocolate, functional choices such as keto chocolate or no sugar chocolate?

If you have made ethical or dietary choices in your life, we welcome you into our programs. The knowledge and skills you learn can be applied to any type of bonbon, confection or bar. Information on making vegan chocolates and more....

How do we teach chocolate making online?

Click here for a more information about our learning experience.

Our faculty

Click here to read more about our instructors and tutors.

Class assessment

Students will be assessed by completion of assignments throughout the program.


Students completing the program with a score of 70% or more will receive an Ecole Chocolat Certificate of Achievement in Chocolate Technique.

Chocolate Ganache

What our graduates have to say....

“This beginning program was a great start into the world of chocolate. I was a complete novice to chocolate. I now have a very high respect for chocolate. My goal was reached thus far from what I learned. Though now my adventure for chocolate has grown and I want to do chocolate art. The strength is that you pack this program full of knowledge of the chocolate world. From root to final product, I enjoyed learning the whole process. The other strength is the videos. I am visual learner and can understand more by listening and watching. Thank you for the wonderful videos.”
Lisa, Jan ‘21 Graduate

“The fact that base recipes were given to give us the chance to use our mind and knowledge to develop our own recipes. usually what I see is you are given all the recipes and you have to use them. This provided room for experimentation and learning from our mistakes. The Chef's table was another great platform through which we could interact with others and know real life issues and accomplishments. It provided knowledge based on experience for every small topic.”
Palama, Jan ‘21 Graduate

“Absolutely! The course more than met my expectations. I loved this course! I learned so much. To me, being online was really great. I like that I was able to study when it was convenient for me. I thought that you did a very good job of covering so many different aspects - most of which I was not aware of before taking the course. (For example the chocolate terroires.) I thought that all of the videos were very good. I liked being able to watch the video while working in my own kitchen and at my own pace. It’s much better that attending a cooking course where you watch the demonstration and then try to emulate it (once) with a number of other students in someone else’s kitchen with equipment you’re not used to. I liked the way you really had us think carefully about what we were doing before submitting our assignments. To me, that is one of the best ways to learn.”
Heather, Jan ‘21 Graduate

More comments from our graduates


We hope that our programs will help you start your journey into the world of chocolate. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

Get reminders about upcoming classes! To receive program updates and news, click the link below.


Photography by Jessica Washburn, Bliss Chocolatier and Ecole Chocolat

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