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Painting with colored cocoa butter

Masterclass: Color on Chocolate

The Master Chocolatier Color Masterclass is an online program of intensive, interactive training in mastering colored cocoa butter techniques. It includes live demonstrations of best practices/techniques, including spraying colored cocoa butter with an airbrush and painting, as well as live group discussions and guided color work in your own kitchen. By the end of the program, you'll learn to perfect your color decorating processes to achieve more efficient production and color presentation.


Next Program: September 11 - October 11, 2024

This program is not just about color on chocolate. It's about understanding the science of colored cocoa butter, the most efficient processes to apply color and collaborating LIVE with your instructor, Michelle Novosel and your fellow students to find the best solutions to your color challenges. We will also explore color theory that will help you to produce the best colorations.

To that end, this Chocolate Masterclass program includes:

4 live interactive instructional sessions. Each live session will be 2 hours long.

Live session dates: Monday September 16, September 23, September 30, October 7.

All sessions will take place 12pm - 2pm PDT (or PST depending on the time of year). Please adjust for your local time zone in your calendar

Approximately 6 hours of guided kitchen homework activities and assignments.

Students should be ready to commit approximately 14 hours of work to complete the program.

Registration fee: $975.00 US

The minimum number of students for the program to run is 6 to a maximum of 14 - we are restricting the number of students in order to make sure each student leaves the program with the tools and advice they need to succeed in making beautiful bonbons in the future.

When you're ready to pay your registration fee of $975.00 please click here: REGISTER NOW

Spray painting chocolate molds

What Will I Learn?

Four week online program

Those of you who know us know that since 2003, Ecole Chocolat has been committed to providing online professional chocolate learning experiences that are not just a chef doing a demonstration, but focused on engaging, interactive and ongoing dialogue between the instructor and student.

Please see Your Learning Experience below for a full description of what you will learn.

By the end of the program you will have all your questions answered around working with color on chocolate

Pre-requisites: some experience in working with color using an airbrush and other paint techniques.

Again, please note that this program is focused on using color on chocolate - not chocolate work. So there will be no instruction on tempering, enrobing or molding bonbons. We expect you, as a chocolatier, to already be proficient in those skills.

Michelle Novosel
airbrush bonbons
color painting on chocolate

Your Learning Experience

Your Instructor is Michelle Novosel, Co-Owner, Executive Chocolatier, & Pastry Chef at Pizzelle's Confections. Being an integral part of the Huntsville arts scene for many years, Michelle brings her love of art and food into every creation. She worked in the culinary world as a server, cook, baker and manager before graduation from culinary school in 2009. She received her Professional Chocolatier Certificate, with Honors, from Ecole Chocolat in 2012. Pizzelle's chocolates, confections, and desserts are the results of her culinary passion, expertise, and attention to detail. What an honor to have her take time out of her own successful business to instruct this Masterclass.

In the Masterclass, Michelle will use a number of learning activities to help you identify your challenges including: live demonstrations of best practices and techniques, live group discussions and guided color application practice in your own kitchen. And the live online sessions will end with some "homework" for you to do in the next two days between live online sessions.

Yes, all live sessions will be recorded so if you have to miss a session, you can catch up afterwards.

Live Session 1 - Using an Airbrush to apply colored cocoa butter to your chocolate mold cavities.
Understanding the airbrush process and application as well as set up of your facility for more efficient color work.
2 hr Kitchen Homework Assignment

Live Session 2 - Making your own colored transfer sheets.
Exploring techiques to create interesting transfer sheets that make your bonbons unique and colorful.
2 hr Kitchen Homework Assignment

Live Session 3 - Using other techniques to add color to your mold cavities or coated bonbons.
Prepping your molds for color work, applying color by hand to either mold cavities or enrobed bonbon surfaces.
2 hr Kitchen Homework Assignment

Live Session 4 Color theory
Using color theory to brand your products with color making them unique to you. Exploring colorants and suppliers.


This program is delivered in English.

Again, please note that this program is focused on using color on chocolate - not chocolate work. So there will be no instruction on tempering, enrobing or molding bonbons. We expect you, as a chocolatier, to already be proficient in those skills.

Some experience in working with color using an airbrush and other paint techniques.

Supplies you will need include: The air brush you normally work with, colored cocoa butter (3 different colors), clear cocoa butter, assorted brushes, acetate sheets and molds.

Master Chocolatier Program certificate:

Students completing the Masterclass with a 70% or more on assignments will receive a digital Ecole Chocolat Master Chocolatier Certificate of Achievement.

Airbrushing chocolate molds

What our graduates have to say

"So much! Boy did Michelle pack a lot of knowledge in this class. I saw so many places I could improve, and how to make the painting molds process so much more effective with less work. The live classes were absolutely vital to this."
Tyler, 2023 Program

“The videos that reinforced the class demonstrations. That way I was able to go back and watch them again when I thought about looking for specific things. It was nice to be able to text Michelle during the week when I was in the middle of trying to figure things out. Her prompt response was appreciated.”
Cindy, 2023 Program

"Very glad for the opportunity to learn and grow. I really enjoyed the classes. Thank you Michelle. Yes, was review to start, but excited about the new techniques I have learned and the trouble shooting tips that kept me from using some of them in my small business. Can't wait to get going with the information going forward!"
Judy 2023 Program

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Cancellation policy

You can cancel from the Masterclass: Color on Chocolate up to five days before the registration deadline. A refund of your registration fee, minus a 10% administration fee, may take approximately 10 working days to process. Because our programs are usually full, and in order to make sure all students are committed, on the start date of your program your registration fee becomes non-refundable and non-transferable to another session (except in extraordinary circumstances).

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Photography by Jessica Washburn, Bliss Chocolatier and Ecole Chocolat

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