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The Master Chocolatier Program in Italy is an opportunity for hands-on training with Italian master chocolatiers in their chocolate laboratory on the shores of Lake Como where we will make cremini, gianduja, ganache, caramels, liquor filled bonbons and many other recipes. But, before we will explore the Italians' chocolate gift to the world, gianduja, in its home of Turin in the factories of the most important gianduja makers.
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN - see Registration Details below

Chocolatier School in Italy

Next program: April 30 - May 6, 2017 - only two seats left!

Registration fee (does not include travel to and from Italy) this popular program that holds only 7 students:

Individual Student: Single Occupancy:
$3673.59 USD: 3465 € at exchange rate: 1.0602

Student with Traveling Companion:
$5650.87 USD: 5330 € at exchange rate: 1.0602

Full Payment Deadline: March 3, 2017.

Student Registration fee includes:
Hands-on training at the ICAM Choco Scuola in Lecco on Lake Como, including chocolate factory tour
Immersion in gianduja and chocolate factories in Turin
Six nights accommodation
Two Dinners
Five lunches
Breakfast daily
Ground transportation

Traveling companion (must be 17 years of age or older) registration includes:
Immersion in gianduja and chocolate in Turin
Six nights accommodation
Two Dinners
Two lunches
Breakfast daily
Ground transportation

If you are ready to register:

Ecole Chocolat students and graduates should refer to the program overview in Learning Centre for registration details.

Students registered for the upcoming March Professional Chocolatier Program qualify for this Master program as they would have the knowledge and skills they need by the May start date.

Please note that these programs have been developed as continuing education for our Ecole Chocolat students and graduates. They are given priority registration and typically fill the program. If you are not an Ecole Chocolat student or graduate but do have the equivalent qualifications or experience in professional chocolate making, please contact us at: registration@ecolechocolat.com to allow us to review your qualifications and arrange to be put on a wait list. Periodically, we accept non-graduates who have experience in basic chocolate work if space allows.

Chocolatier School in Italy

One-week (six-nights) program

The Master Chocolatier Program in Italy combines intensive hands-on training in ganache, caramels, cremini, etc. at the ICAM Choco Scuola with travel to Turin to visit important Italian cioccolatieri in their cioccolateria and laboratories.

In 1946, Silvio Agostoni, together with his wife and two brothers, set up a small company, ICAM, for the production of chocolate. Along with expanding their chocolate production with a focus on quality, ICAM, also known by the family name as Agostoni in North America, has established itself as one of the most important organic chocolate manufacturers in the world focused on sustainability.

While you may not have heard of either ICAM or Agostoni, you need to be aware of this important manufacturer of fine flavor chocolate. Think of them as the Valrhona or Felchlin of Italy. ICAM's chocolate is used by the top cioccolaterie and pastry chefs in Italy.

Our hands-on work in the laboratory at the ICAM Choco Scuola will be focused on the production of cremini, ganache, caramels, liquor filled bonbons and many other recipes. For an example, Italian cioccolatieri produce spiced ganache featuring pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, anise, etc. This is reminiscent of the favorite Italian spice mixture called droghe. We will forage, taste, compare and then work hard in the laboratory to master these wonderful cioccolato and more. Expect to be inspired and enchanted!

We'll also be visiting the ICAM chocolate factory which is a state of the art facility just a few miles away. Speaking of factories, we can't forget gianduja [pronounced gyan-DO-ya] which is an emulsification of nuts (usually hazelnut or almonds) and chocolate. Each gianduja maker brings their own vision of ingredients and nut to chocolate ratios so no two giandujotti taste exactly the same. We will concentrate on those during our visit to Turin.

Program itinerary:

**Legend for meals included in your program:
B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner

* Itinerary subject to change. Every effort will be made to keep the itinerary as it appears here. However, the final itinerary may vary due to schedules, availability and factors beyond our control.


Independent arrivals in Milan, Italy. Hotel accommodation and Monday breakfast is included.

Monday: B, L, D

We travel to Turin in the morning and explore as much cioccolaterie, cioccolato and gianduja as possible. Overnight in Turin with Welcome Dinner.

Tuesday: B, L, D

Another chocolate-saturated day in Turin and in the afternoon we travel to Lecco and check into our hotel. Lecco is a beautiful Italian town on Lake Como. Introduction to Lecco dinner.

Wednesday: B, L

After a morning tour of the ICAM Chocolate Factory, we start our program at the ICAM Choco Scuola. Free night for dinner in Lecco.

Thursday: B, L

Full day of classes with lunch at ICAM Choco Scuola. Free night for dinner in Lecco.

Friday: B, L

We complete our program at ICAM Choco Scuola with our last full day of training. Free night for dinner in Lecco.

Saturday: B

Independent departures from Lecco program hotel. Transportation to either the airport or back to Milan for those students extending their stay.

Chocolatier School in Italy

What more do I need to know?

This program is delivered in English.

Program participants and travel companions must be 17 years of age or older. Also note that the program involves a lot of standing for long periods and walking (with bags at times) so good mobility and strength are important. Because we go into small towns, access for the handicapped is minimal.

Dietary Restrictions - dietary restrictions such as allergies, religious tenets or personal health preferences (vegetarian/vegan, non-gluten, non-dairy, raw, organic) can be a challenge when we are out of the major cities into the smaller towns where our program training takes place. If you have dietary restrictions, please be aware that for group meals we may not be able to accommodate you nor will you find specialty restaurants catering to dietary restrictions. Also the chocolate recipes used in the training are developed by the Chefs to be the best examples of their country's chocolate culture. We cannot change the ingredients used in the recipes developed for the program to accommodate dietary restrictions.

Note re shared rooms Ecole Chocolat will pair students wishing to share a room in the order of receipt of their deposit. Please be prepared to pay the single room registration fee if we are unable to pair you with an appropriate roommate.

Want to bring a traveling companion?

Traveling companions must be 17 years of age or older and must be registered as a traveling companion in the program to accompany you for liability issues. Their registration includes:

Immersion in gianduja and chocolate in Turin
Six nights accommodation
Two Dinners
Two lunches
Breakfast daily
Ground transportation

Prerequisite: Ecole Chocolat Professional Chocolatier Certificate of Achievement or equivalent qualifications.

Are you interested in qualifying for this advanced hands-on program?

The Ecole Chocolat Professional Chocolatier Program is the only program of its kind that allows you to start learning professional gourmet chocolate making in your own home through our part-time 100%-online program.

Master Chocolatier Program certificate:

Students completing the program will receive an Ecole Chocolat Master Chocolatier Certificate of Achievement.

Chocolatier School in Italy

What our graduates have to say

"It was a pleasure to spend the week with you and Judy, such patience for so many questions, so much enthusiasm and encouragement! It was great to see your vast chocolate knowledge first hand. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in such a small numbered, informative and enjoyable course. It was an unforgettable trip!" Nadia, 2016 Program

"I think your program was very well planned and beautifully executed. Every little detail was thought through and delivered. I am glad I have done this trip, met some wonderful people. I was really impressed with the team at ICAM and Choco Scuola..this experience is very valuable in my learning path of chocolate business." Marija, 2016 Program

"I enjoyed it very much - the view, the people, the hotels, the food and the program were extraordinary. Especially the program was amazing - we visited chocolate stores and factories that I won't see in Israel, the taste of the amazing cremini and Gianduja, the tremendous ICAM chocolate factory and the high standard of the studying." Ifat, 2016 Program

Cancellation policy:

Our Ecole Chocolat Master Chocolatier Programs only accommodate a limited number of students and are usually full, with a waiting list. As the programs involve a travel component, we need to contact those on the waiting list in enough time so they can make travel arrangements. If you have to cancel, we'll do everything in our power to find a replacement but can't guarantee that we'll be successful. No refunds will be given after 45 days prior to the program start date. Make sure you're totally commited to the program before paying your registration fee. We also suggest that you take out travel insurance when booking your travel to and from the program country, in case of an emergency.

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enrobing machine

Using the enrobing machine.

Finishing roches chocolates

Finishing the roches chocolates.

hand dipping truffles

Hand dipping the ganache truffles.

Preparing the molds

Coating molds with chocolate.

piping liquor into truffle balls

Piping grappa into chocolate truffle balls.

piping ganache

Piping ganache by holding your mouth just right.

chocolate bonbon

Beautiful chocolate ganache and caramel bonbon.

Bonbons made in the program

Some of the bonbons made in the program.