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Designing your own bonbon collection

Masterclass: Collection Design and Logistics for Chocolatiers

This program helps you design a chocolate bonbon collection from start to finish, whether it is your first product line, or a new themed assortment. The curriculum and LIVE discussions will tackle the steps for both the creativity of designing your bonbon menu, as well as the organization of a production schedule. During the program, you will learn a variety of ways to come up with a flavor/texture menu that pushes you and your customers forward, while still fitting with the branding strategy of your business. We'll ask you to choose the external design to create a cohesive look for the collection, and develop a logistics plan that best suits your time frame and production needs.

Next Program: Late Summer or Fall 2022

This program is all about collaborating with your instructor, T Lawrence-Simon to focus on what you love about making chocolate bonbons. Whether you are ready to:

  • design your first bonbon collection as you start your business,
  • create a new seasonal collection or
  • embark on a guided reimagining of your current product line,

our goal is to help you make your collection a success, while making sure you are creatively adhering to your brand through the design and logistical planning process.

To that end, this Design Masterclass program includes:

4 live interactive instructional sessions, scheduled on consecutive Thursdays over 4 weeks. Each live session will be 2 hours long.

Live session dates: Thursdays

All sessions will take place 12noon-2pm PST. Please adjust for your local time zone in your calendar

Approximately 6 hours of guided, thought provoking homework activities and assignments.

Students should be ready to commit approximately 14 hours of work to complete the program.

Registration fee: $975.00 US

The minimum number of students for the program to run is 6 to a maximum of 12 - we are restricting the number of students in order to make sure each student leaves the program with the planning information and advice they need to jump into creating a new bonbon collection.

Summer bonbon collection

What Will I Learn?

Four+ week online program

Please see CURRICULUM DETAILS below for a full description of what you will learn.

By the end of the program, you will have the tools you need to create and implement a successful bonbon collection.

Pre-requisites: a working knowledge of chocolate recipe development and bonbon production processes.

Please note that this program is focused on bonbon collection design and logistics - not chocolate work. So there will be no instruction on making recipes, tempering, enrobing or molding bonbons. We expect you, as a chocolatier, to already be proficient in those skills.

T Lawrence-Simon
Chocolate bonbon production logistics
Planning your product line

Your Instructor

T Lawrence-Simon is a chocolatier and pastry chef in Somerville, Massachusetts. Since 2008, T has had a career in circus arts, working as a world-renowned aerial circus coach, as well as a compelling performer. Starting as a casual home baker, T found a love for pastry, specifically studying the French Patisserie methods. After being scouted and cast on Food Network Canada's “Great Chocolate Showdown”, T competed his way through the entire competition, proving himself as a talented and creative dessert maker. Since the show's filming, T has apprenticed at a chocolate shop and graduated from Ecole Chocolat's program. During the lockdown in 2020, T debuted Cirque du Soufflé, a chocolate and custom baking business, which combines his love for the creative and daring aspects of circus performance with the precision and delicious capabilities of confections.

Before the circus, T earned a degree in stage management and design, working professionally in theater for over 10 years. Overseeing dozens of people all engaging in many different tasks resulting in a shared goal is an art, and T was known to tackle that task with grace and a positive charm.

Currently, in addition to the sweet life, he works full-time as a Senior Coach at Esh Circus Arts as well as an aerial circus performer. In his circus life, T is often sought to help performers create and develop their professional performance pieces by acknowledging their strengths, discovering how best to highlight them, and pushing their creative abilities. His deep background in theater/design helps him coach people through the creative process, offering a variety of methods and skills to produce both technical and visually stunning work. T is excited to bring his extensive resume of the creative process and logistical wizardry to the students of Ecole Chocolat.

Curriculum Details

In the program, we will use a number of learning activities to help you identify your challenges including: live group discussions and guided brand, product design and logistics as well as planning "homework" for you to do in the next week between live online sessions.

Yes, all live sessions will be recorded so if you have to miss one, you can catch up afterwards. Also you can record the sessions yourself to have a copy on your computer.

Live Session 1 - Branding/Theme Discovery
How to come up with the concept/theme. How to find a specific angle in that theme to motivate/inspire you. How to translate a theme into a flavor palette.
2 hr Planning Homework Assignment

Live Session 2 - Creating the perfect final collection
Different ways to organize your thoughts and create a good variety in flavors/textures/colors for your collection. How to use color theory and composition to create product designs. Decoration "mood board" examples. Taking your current machinery processes and packaging into consideration when planning recipes and production. Demonstrations on ways to make a production sheet for a single bonbon.
2 hr Planning Homework Assignment

Live Session 3 - Developing your logistics plan
How to break down time for each process to find the most efficient timeline for producing your collection and making the smartest order of operations possible. Creating your logistics plan in a visual way that helps you best. Discussing the difference between organizational methods for production logistics, including individual and team environments.
2 hr Planning Homework Assignment

Live Session 4 - Production ergonomics and efficiency
The best practices for being efficient and staying healthy during production, which can include high-stress, repetitive tasks over long hours. Using his experience understanding the importance of physical health, T will help you understand how to adjust your work processes for the betterment of your body.


This program is delivered in English.

Again, please note that this program is focused on design and logistics - not chocolate work. So there will be no instruction on recipe development, tempering, enrobing or molding bonbons. We expect you, as a chocolatier, to already be proficient in those skills.


Pre-requisites: a working knowledge of chocolate recipe development and production processes.

Master Chocolatier Program certificate:

Students completing the Masterclass with a 70% or more on assignments will receive a digital Ecole Chocolat Master Chocolatier Certificate of Achievement.

Making a successful chocolate collection

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Cancellation policy

You can cancel from the Masterclass: Collection Design and Logistics for Chocolatiers up to five days before the registration deadline. A refund of your registration fee, minus a 10% administration fee, may take approximately 10 working days to process. Because our programs are usually full, and in order to make sure all students are committed, on the start date of your program your registration fee becomes non-refundable and non-transferable to another session (except in extraordinary circumstances).

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Photography by Jessica Washburn, Bliss Chocolatier and Ecole Chocolat

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