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Liquid Sugars Part 2: Invert Sugar

Liquid Sugars Part 2: Invert Sugar

Returning to our series on Liquid Sugars, it's time to explore invert sugar!

How to make invert sugar and use it in your chocolate and confection recipes for smoother texture and longer shelf life. Invert sugar is a functional sugar - it is present in recipes generally to help maintain a smoother texture and improve shelf life. Through its ability to help control crystallization, invert sugar can help to give a smoother mouth feel to products such as ganaches, and can help to keep chocolate fillings moist. It also extends shelf life because it can;help prevent bacteria from spreading.

It comes in two forms - a white, creamy sugar that doesn't look too different from creamed honey, or a clear, colourless liquid. Either one works for helping preserve shelf life in ganaches. Adding 2-3% invert of the total weight of your recipe will make your pieces last longer in texture and flavour.

While invert sugar is sweeter than glucose syrup, if you are;adding it in small amounts it shouldn't have too much impact on the flavour profile of your ganache.

Chef Eddy Van Damme gives a great explanation of invert sugar and a recipe to make it yourself on his website. Click here to read more!

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Photography by Jessica Washburn, Bliss Chocolatier and Ecole Chocolat

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