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Easter Chocolate – What are you hoping for in your basket?

Easter Chocolate – What are you hoping for in your basket?

Eggs and bunnies reign supreme, but with a twist

Easter is early this year, we can't believe it's this weekend! You may still be hunting for fine Easter chocolate to give to your friends and family. This is the perfect year to expand your chocolate horizons beyond your local grocery or drug store and visit your local chocolatier or chocolate maker! The gold bunny is not the only game in town. Need some tips about what to look for when you're shopping? Click here to learn about looking for "real" chocolate for your little bunnies and chicks (or for the grown ups) on your list.

We always love to see what chocolatiers and chocolate makers create for their Easter chocolate collections.  Here are just a few examples of the fabulous creations we noticed as we hopped around the internet.  We had a hard time narrowing down our choices because there were just so many amazing products this year. This is definitely not an exhaustive list, we didn't want to leave you reading until next Easter!

Cochu Chocolate

Chocolatier Anne Sellmer of Cochu Chocolate has created the quintessential chocolate bunny as part of  her Easter collection this year. Just look at that sweet face! It almost makes you feel badly when you bite his head off...but not badly enough to stop.

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A post shared by cōchu chocolatier (@cochuchocolate)

Dick Taylor Chocolate

Made with 72% dark chocolate from Belize, this chocolate rabbit from award-winning Dick Taylor Chocolate is sure to please the sophisticated chocolate connoisseur on your list! As a chocolate maker, Dick Taylor Chocolate makes chocolate from dried cocoa beans (not sure how that's different from a chocolatier? We have a blog post about that), so this little guy goes from bean to fine chocolate to rabbit all under one roof!

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A post shared by Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate (@dicktaylorchocolate)

Colleen Heidecker Chocolates

For a completely different take on the more traditional chocolate bunny, we loved these geometric rabbits from Colleen Heidecker Chocolates. Colleen has taken a simple mold, and put her own spin on the design with the hand-painted colored cocoa butter. And the flavors you ask? Caramel/White Chocolate, Strawberry Dark Chocolate, Matcha Green Tea - we bet you want to try them all!

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A post shared by Colleens Chocolates (@colleenschocolates)

ExVoto Chocolates

Looking for an Easter treat for your favorite vegan? Look no further than these cute bunnies from ExVoto Chocolates. Of course the color is striking, and they are blueberry and dark chocolate with hint of lavender! Their tiny size makes them the perfect little indulgence.

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A post shared by Ex Voto Chocolates Ventura 🍦☕️ (@exvotochocolates)

The Chocolate Lab

One of a kind, designer Easter eggs have become a big trend over the past few years, and Calgary's The Chocolate Lab has definitely taken the trend to a whole new level since they started making their eggs last year. Each egg is painted by hand with unique designs, and as you can see from the GIANT WALL of eggs in the photo below, Dallas and his team are incredibly talented. They are also likely nursing some serious hand cramps from all that painting!

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A post shared by The Chocolate Lab (@the_chocolatelab)

Cacao Prieto

Perfectly on trend with the explosion of avocado every where (avo toast anyone?), this avo-egg from Cacao Prieto is amazing! Not only is it made of chocolate, it's also full of chocolate truffles. If you ever get a chance to visit their factory in Brooklyn, you have to go! Cacao Prieto is also a chocolate maker, so you have the opportunity to see the whole process from bean to bar.

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A post shared by Cacao Prieto (@cacao_prieto)

Valenza Chocolatier

Amy Jo Pedone of Valenza Chocolatier in Costa Mesa, California created these gorgeous, hand painted eggs as part of her Easter collection this year. Valenza Chocolatier pays homage to Amy Jo's Italian roots, and that connection to the past inspires her products and recipes. Easter is no exception, with flavors including tiramisu, cioccolato and peperoncino!

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A post shared by Valenza Chocolatier (@valenza_chocolatier)

Bakedown Cakery

Don't let the name fool you, Bakedown Cakery is a specialty cake shop and bakery in Sydney, but Jen Lo also has mad chocolate skills. Check out this egg from her Easter collection. You can see from the photo that this is a serious egg, but it doesn't stop at size. It's also filled with espresso ganache spiked with Kahlua! Is your mouth watering yet?

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A post shared by Jen | Artisan Chocolate Sydney (@meltdownartisan)

a519 Chocolate

In addition to the traditional egg and bunny, many chocolatiers like to create a themed Easter or spring collection. This one by Amanda Write of a519 Chocolate in Pittsburgh is clearly a treat for both the eyes and the lips! With flavors such as peanut butter meltaway, malted milk chocolate, strawberries and cream, dulcey, and vanilla marshmallow, this is the perfect for any grown  ups on your list!

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A post shared by Amanda Wright (@a519chocolate)

liv a lil chocolate

Another gorgeous spring chocolate collection comes from liv a lil chocolate in Kelowna, B.C. First, those spring colors stop you in your tracks! But the flavors are what will keep you coming back for more: Lemon Lime, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Pecan Caramel. They would make the perfect hostess gift for any spring gathering, or a treat just for you!

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A post shared by liv a lil chocolate (@livalilchocolate)

Happy Easter from everyone at Ecole Chocolat!

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