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10 chocolate Instagram accounts you need to follow

10 chocolate Instagram accounts you need to follow

Okay, we need to say something important right off the bat. When we thought it would be fun to write a blog post about some of our favourite Instagram accounts with a chocolate focus, we knew it would be INCREDIBLY hard to narrow our choices down to just 10. But people seem to like to make lists of 10 - it's a palatable number. So here are a few of our favourites - accounts that showcase the talent of the chocolatier or chocolate maker, reflect their personalities, and are examples of the some of the best work our industry has to offer. These are in no particular order - we love them all equally and any attempt at ranking would cause us too much heartache. If you haven't checked out these Instagram accounts you! Clicking on each person/company name will take you to their Instagram page. Enjoy!

1. Kate Weiser Chocolate

Kate Weiser Chocolate is a company based in Dallas, Texas. They are in the process of expanding to more locations. Kate's personality and flair for design comes through in her beautiful chocolates, and her sense of humour makes her Instagram feed a constant source of entertainment and delight. We were lucky enough to have Kate for on our our Chocolate Masters Hangouts, so if you haven't watched that episode already, you can watch it here.

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A post shared by Kate Weiser Chocolate (@kateweiserchocolate)

2. David Chow

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, David Chow is a true master when it comes to edible art. His chocolates are simply stunning! Between the beautiful colour combinations, fabulous flavours and inventive design concepts, David's Instagram account is sure to leave you saying "wow"!

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A post shared by DAVID H. CHOW (@davidhchow)

3. The Chocolate Lab

Another Canadian, The Chocolate Lab is based in Calgary, Alberta.  Started by Dallas Southcott, The Chocolate Lab has only been in business since early 2016 and they are clearly already making a splash! The chocolates are beautiful pieces, artfully designed and perfectly crafted.  And we also love his sense of humour, it keeps his account fun! We were lucky enough to have Dallas participate in one of our Chocolate Masters Hangouts recently as well! If you missed that episode, you can watch it here.

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A post shared by The Chocolate Lab (@the_chocolatelab)

4. Garcia Nevett 

Sisters, Susana and Isabel Garcia Nevett have spent more than a decade perfecting their chocolatier skills, first in France and Venezuela and now in their adopted city of Miami. Their dedication to using Venezuelan chocolate in bonbons, pastries and bars, always inspires us to try different recipes and ingredients.

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A post shared by Garcia Nevett - Chocolatier (@garcia.nevett)

5. Bon bon bon Chocolate

Based in Detroit, Bon bon bon Chocolate is a chocolate company with a ton of personality, which comes through loud and clear in their Instagram account. One of the things that make their "bons" (as they call them) unique is that they don't have a top, so you can see the fillings inside their chocolates. Their founder, Alexandra Clarke was named one of the Top 30 under 30 by Forbes Magazine!

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A post shared by Bon Bon Bon (@bonbonbonchocolate)

6. Stick with Me Sweets

Stick with Me Sweets is based in New York City and is owned by the incredibly talented Susana Yoon. Each one of her bonbons is like a delicate work of art, and her flavour combinations include new twists on classics (such as her PB&J), and new creations (such as her Black Seasame & Passion Fruit).

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A post shared by Stick With Me Sweets (@swmsweets)

7. Uncommon Cacao

For anyone who loves fine chocolate, it is so important to remember where it comes from. It is grown by farmers who work tirelessly to give us the cocoa beans that become chocolate in the hands of a skilled chocolate maker. Uncommon Cacao is a supply chain partner, bringing together farmers and chocolate makers so that beans of the highest quality are sourced with transparency and in turn, make an impact in the communities where they are grown. Their Instagram account gives an important perspective of life on the farm and in these communities.

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A post shared by Uncommon Cacao (@uncommoncacao)

8. Giorgio Demarini

Giorgio Demarini of Roselen Chocolatier is based in Lima, Peru. He has a background in design, and when you look at his chocolate, this talent comes shining through. His inventive designs for his chocolates and his meticulous attention to detail are just a few of the things you will notice on his Instagram feed. We've been fortunate to have Giorgio on two of our Chocolate Masters Hangout panels, so if you would like to learn more about him, you can watch these episodes here and here.

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A post shared by Giorgio Demarini (@giorgiodemarini)

9. Maui Ku’ia Estate Chocolate

Maui Ku’ia Estate Chocolate does it all - from sourcing cocoa beans from their own farm up the hill from Lahaina to making great chocolate! Since visiting the farm when it was first planted, we love watching this team dedicated to producing fine chocolate on Maui bring their dream into reality - even as the 2020 Pandemic slowed them down. In their instagram feed you get a look at the whole processes that go into growing cacao and then making chocolate and then opening their cafe. Following the process of business growth has been fascinating and we can't wait to see what is next.

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A post shared by Maui Ku’ia Estate Chocolate (@mauichocolate)

10. Soma Chocolatemaker

A Canadian company in Toronto, Ontario, Soma Chocolatemaker was started by husband and wife team, David Castellan and Cynthia Leung. In fact, they both have their own separate Instagram accounts: HIS and HERS. Once you get to know these two, you'll see why - they both have their own unique personalities, and when they come together, they create the identity for their brand. This is what makes following both of them on Instagram so interesting. From beautiful product photos, to machinery meltdowns, to travel photos and the odd appearance by their cats, you'll love coming along for the experience!

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A post shared by Cyn (@somachocolatemaker)

We hope that you have enjoyed looking at some of our favourite chocolate accounts on Instagram!

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Photography by Jessica Washburn, Bliss Chocolatier and Ecole Chocolat

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