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Welcome to Ecole Chocolat

Welcome to Ecole Chocolat

Have you always wanted to become a chocolatier or chocolate maker? Get started with Ecole Chocolat school for chocolate arts and our chocolate making courses. Learn how to make chocolate, use chocolate molds and create professional chocolate recipes. Although our core chocolate making programs are online, you won't be out there all by yourself. You'll be working with the instructor and online tutors, while interacting with your classmates – sharing information, accomplishments and expertise.


Chocolatier Class The Professional Chocolatier Program is an intensive part-time program in chocolate making, delivered 100% online over a three-month period, so you can learn without "re-engineering" your work and personal life. Become a professional chocolatier – learn how to make gourmet chocolate using modern techniques and recipes via your computer, phone or tablet. »

Chocolate Maker

Chocolate Making from the Bean The Chocolate Making from the Bean Program is about how to make your own chocolate from scratch from dried cocoa beans. The curriculum covers the entire chocolate-making and manufacturing process from sourcing beans, cleaning, winnowing, roasting, refining, conching and tempering to produce bulk chocolate from which you create your final products. »

Chocolate Programs

Chocolate Programs We offer a range of chocolate-making programs suitable for both beginners and those with experience in chocolate work. Chocolate making involves very specific knowledge, skill sets and techniques so whether you are a chocolate fan seeking to become more expert or want to start a chocolate business, you'll find a program that fits your needs. »

Master Programs

Master Chocolate Programs Our Master Chocolate Programs are the next step forward for our Ecole Chocolat graduates and other experienced chocolatiers or pastry chefs who want to advance their intermediate skills with an intensive experience in using professional equipment and advanced techniques for production of fine quality artisan bonbons, confections and bars in more volume. »

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance for Chocolatiers The Quality Assurance & Keeping Limits for Chocolatiers Program is all about science – the science of producing a quality product, handling and storing it properly and knowing its keeping limits. We also discuss food safety regulations and labeling standards in depth, especially as they relate to standards, nutrition, dietary restrictions and traceability. »

Our Graduates

Ecole Chocolat Graduates Since 2003, we've worked with students passionate about chocolate from 74 different countries across the globe. Each student comes into our program with his or her own passion and vision for chocolate work. It's very satisfying for us to see them translate that passion and vision into fabulous bonbons, confections and bars. To see what some of them are up to click here: »

Chocolate News

News About Chocolate News from the chocolate industry and articles focused on chocolate health that would be of interest to chocolate aficionados and professionals. We have a list of our up-coming chocolate programs so you can plan your time. Also check out our chocolate polls where you can share your opinions on and preferences for our favorite topic: Chocolate. »

Our Chocolate Polls

Click here for more chocolate polls: »

Chocolate Hangouts

Chocolate Masters Hangouts on Google+ Check out the videos of our live Chocolate Masters Hangouts on such subjects as chocolate making, making caramels and ganache, Hawaii cacao, saving chocolate flavor and more! To know about our next Hangout and see them live follow us on our Ecole Chocolat Google+ Page. To view all our current Chocolate Masters Hangout Videos click here: »

What Our Graduates Have to Say

“As a graduate of your Professional Chocolatier Program, I was familiar with the high standards you set and was happy to find that this was also the case with the Business Plan Program . . . a very enriching experience!”
Gabriela, Aug. ’14 Graduate

“The Chocolate Making From Bean to Bar class lives up to its name because it opens the doors to the vast world of chocolate and takes you on a step-by-step journey from cultivation to finished bar.”
Melanie, March ’14 Graduate

“I found the course challenging and rich, brilliantly conceived, and amazing for being online. It's real-world oriented in that it gets people thinking about business aspects, even in a basic course such as this one.”
Rev. R.M., Aug. ’13 Graduate

"Even though it was a big time commitment for me (I work full-time), it truly was worth the long hours I invested in this program. The reading, the research and every assignment were all very well thought-out and worthwhile. I found them to be both challenging and stimulating."
Lisette, March '13 Graduate

"I am amazed at how much I've learned in these few months. I started the course a complete greenhorn about chocolate making and the day I completed my 'develop your signature chocolates' assignment, I was, like, 'Whoa! I actually made these.'" Atinuke, Jan. '13 Graduate

"It provided me with the information I'll need to start up my own little part-time, chocolate-making business. This included information on everything from the basic processes and techniques involved in making chocolate to finding sources for the supplies and materials that will be required. The course also helps you to begin thinking about the business end of chocolate making and the start-up costs you'll encounter."
Roger, April '12 Graduate

The Chocolate Industry

From 2014-2019, the NCA forecasts that U.S. chocolate sales will grow another $4 billion, or 19%. That growth is being driven by consumers' preference for chocolate, which they see as being healthier than more traditional sugary candies, said Larry Wilson, vice president of customer relations for the NCA. "People are now saying I eat chocolate" because of the health benefits, he said.

Dark chocolate has also outpaced milk chocolate in terms of growth over the last year, although the latter still has by far the largest share of the market. Dark chocolate sales in the U.S. were up $102 million, or nine percent, in 2013 from a year ago, while milk chocolate sales rose 6%, or $409 million, according to data from market research firm IRI.

Consumers think "cocoa content equates with cardiovascular health," Mr. Wilson said, a trend the NCA expects to continue to drive consumption of dark chocolate – with its higher cocoa content – over the next five years.

According to an August 2013 report in Euromonitor International, chocolate sales growth is predicted to rise by eight percent in North America in the next five years, with an increasingly diet-conscious U.S. market set to remain the food group's biggest market, accounting for 15 percent of confectionery sales in 2018. Francisco Redruello, senior food analyst at Euromonitor International, said the results show consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for indulging in chocolate.

"[Chocolate's] value growth is being driven by a number of factors, for example health innovation, more visible branding strategies, certification, sophisticated packaging or simply a taste for indulgence," Redruello said.

According to Vreeland & Associaties, 2013 U.S. premium chocolate sales in the US increased 10% to $2.9 billion and that this segment has a 15% share of the entire chocolate market. These drivers should support continued 10% growth for 2014, nudging sales up to $3.2 billion.

Chocolate sales industrywide are expected to grow to $98.3 billion by 2016, according to a report released by the Dallas-based research firm MarketsandMarkets. The market has been witnessing a trend of shifting consumer preferences towards the dark and premium chocolate segments. The health benefits of cocoa act as a major driver for the market.

A lot of the growth will come from regions such as Asia, Brazil and the Middle East. India is the fastest growing market for chocolate in the world right now, according to Mintel Group. Sales there have doubled to $857 million in 2011, up from $418 million three years earlier. Mintel also forecasts that retail sales of chocolate in India will grow more than 20% annually through 2017.

"There is tremendous untapped market opportunity for Western premium chocolate brands in India," said Peter Ayton, global consumer analyst at Mintel. For luxury chocolate makers in America, it's a chance to break out from a crowded home market and expand into a fast-growth emerging market.

About Our Chocolate School

Ecole Chocolat's intensive chocolate-making programs and chocolate classes prepare you to find your place in the fine chocolate industry. Whether you aspire to work for yourself or in a professional organization, our chocolate school's specialized curriculum is just what you need.

Our many years of experience in award-winning, university-level online education ensures that your learning experience is intensive, comprehensive and enjoyable.

Our unique chocolate-making school leads you through the in-depth curriculum on chocolate making. Important topics include:

  • Chocolate history as a background to current production practices
  • Chocolate-making process and techniques
  • Taste and attributes of different chocolates
  • Gourmet chocolate recipes that you can tailor to your own vision
  • Learn techniques with chocolate molds
  • Chocolate-making supply companies
  • Chocolate-making equipment suppliers
  • Recipe development and production planning

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