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We offer a range of chocolate-making programs suitable for both beginners and those with some experience in chocolate work. Chocolate making involves very specific knowledge, skill sets and techniques, so we start everyone with the same basic knowledge and build up from there. Whether you are a chocolate fan seeking to become more expert or have been working with chocolate and want to start a chocolate business, you'll find a program that fits your needs.

Professional chocolatier

The Professional Chocolatier Program is an intensive, part-time program in chocolate techniques delivered 100% online over a three-month period. The curriculum prepares you for consistent production of fine chocolate bonbons, confections and bars. We begin with an in-depth understanding of chocolate, then move from that foundation into professional production skills, modern decoration techniques, equipment and supply sourcing, and production issues involved in opening a chocolate business.»

Chocolate maker

The two-month, 100% online Chocolate Making from the Bean Program is about manufacturing your own chocolate from the dried cacao beans. Whether you want to start a chocolate-manufacturing business from scratch or are a chocolatier who is considering making your own base chocolate for your products, this program will be extremely helpful. The curriculum covers all the issues, from sourcing beans, creating your chocolate flavor profile and manufacturing dried cacao beans into pure chocolate.»

I am often asked: What is the difference between chocolate makers and chocolatiers?

First of all, these professions need two very different knowledge and skill sets.

Chocolate makers manufacture chocolate from dried cacao beans using specific equipment such as a roaster, grinder, refiner mill, conch and tempering machine. Their finished product is pure chocolate – usually in bar form.

Chocolatiers source and blend that pure chocolate, made by the chocolate maker(s), for specific properties and flavor profiles from which to develop recipes for their own unique bonbons, confections and bars.

The same is true in other food industries – a baker doesn't own a flour mill from which to produce flour to make her products. It's the miller who buys wheat grain which he mills into flour. The baker then buys flour from the mill to make her cakes. The mill and the baker are two different kinds of businesses, but partners in the process of turning grain into flour and then into cakes and cookies.


Professional Chocolatier Program PLUS

The Professional Chocolatier Program PLUS combines our Professional Chocolatier curriculum with the addition of the Business Plan Program at $145.00 - a $50.00 savings. This also allows you another four weeks in the Professional Chocolatier curriculum for extra study and research while you take the Business Plan curriculum. During the Business Plan program, students focus each week on a different section of the plan: management, marketing, operations and finance.»

Quality assurance

The six-week, 100% online Quality Assurance & Keeping Limits for Chocolatiers Program was developed specifically for those who have completed the Professional Chocolatier Program or are working chocolatiers who want to further their food safety and scientific knowledge – the science of producing a quality product, handling and storing it properly and knowing its keeping limits.»

Advanced chocolate programs

The Master Chocolate Programs are the next step forward for graduates who want to advance their skills with an experience in using professional equipment and learning techniques for the production of chocolates in larger volumes. Our current Master Chocolate programs are scheduled at different times of the year in Canada, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Ecuador.»

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What our graduates have to say

“The resources were pretty phenomenal and the responsiveness of the staff was great. I appreciated the flexibility with due dates when real life interfered with my chocolate homework!”
Alison, Nov. '14 Graduate

“In my opinion, everything was great about this program. It definitely challenged me to try new and different things I haven’t done before. I am proud of myself, thanks to this program.”
Sapphire, March ’14 Graduate

“I believe that I am coming away with a much broader and clearer understanding of both the chocolate industry and the art of making chocolate confections.”
Donna, Aug. ’13 Graduate

"I gained a lot of knowledge about chocolate theory and practice. The course goes into great depth and for me, it was money well-spent. All the material involved was incredibly beneficial. It has raised my confidence and built my skill base and I'm looking to do another Ecole Chocolat program to progress further in my career."
Melody, Jan. '13 Graduate

"Yes, the curriculum took me further into understanding the chemistry of chocolate and ganache. I needed to improve this area and I now have a better understanding of the science. The course encouraged me to think more deeply about planning a production flow and the financial costs of a business that I wouldn't have thought about on my own."
Teresa, April '12 Graduate

"My expectations were far exceeded. I enrolled primarily to learn some specific techniques, and I learned far more than I thought I would, not just in terms of techniques but also in terms of recipe development and general industry research. While creating my 'signature recipes', I discovered different types of bonbons I'd never heard of before, and some of these have now become favorites!"
Marni, Jan. '11 Graduate

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