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Chocolate Making from the Bean

Chocolate Maker Program

The two-month, 100% online Chocolate Making from the Bean Program is about how to make your own chocolate from scratch from dried cocoa beans. The curriculum covers the entire chocolate making and manufacturing process from sourcing beans, cleaning, winnowing, roasting, refining, conching and tempering to produce bulk chocolate from which you create your final products.

Program Date & Fee

Making chocolate bars

Next program: September 11 - November 13, 2015

FINAL EXAM: November 13, 2015

$455.00 US/CAD (Canadian Residents – plus GST by province)

Students must be available on the Final Exam date above to take the one-hour final exam online between 9:00 - 21:00 PDT.

Note: The registration fee does not include chocolate which will be needed to complete the Understanding Chocolate Flavor and Sourcing Cocoa Beans Modules. This chocolate could cost approximately $200.00 US.

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When is the chocolate making program offered during the year?

We offer sessions of the program starting in March and September each year.

Is there a restriction on the number of students you take each session?

Even though the curriculum is online, we do cut off registrations when we reach the maximum number of students our instructor and online tutor feel they have adequate time to be able to work with properly.

TO ENSURE A SEAT IN THE PROGRAM, you should register with your payment at least two weeks before the program start date. After that, check the program date above to see if the current session is still open. When the program is full, we change the program date to the future session.

Curriculum at-a-glance

Cocoa beans for making chocolate

Understanding chocolate

  • Develop a resource lists for chocolate making equipment and suppliers.
  • Research current chocolate manufacturers to gain an understanding of the scope of the industry.

Understanding chocolate flavor

  • Understand chocolate chemistry and flavor as well as the ingredients and processes that contribute to taste.
  • Conduct a formal series of tastings in order to develop your chocolate tasting palate.

Sourcing cocoa beans – your most important ingredient

  • Increase your knowledge of cocoa beans and their sourcing from specialized distributors and agents.
  • Understand de-facto organic and fair trade issues and steps to ensuring quality and traceability.

Chocolate manufacturing process

  • Understand the processes and machinery needed to turn dried cocoa beans into beautiful chocolate.
  • Gain the knowledge you need on chocolate crystallization, tempering and best manufacturing practices.

Formulating your operations plan

  • Understand the financial and human resources needed to run a chocolate-manufacturing business.
  • Make informed decisions on finding your location, equipping your facility and planning for production.

Making Chocolate

What our graduates have to say

“The course has dramatically expanded my understanding of chocolate and inspired me to learn more and invest in some small-scale machinery to practice the art of chocolate making while I continue to learn the science of it before I start a commercial operation.”
Carl, Nov. '14 Graduate

“I learned more about chocolate than I ever knew I could. I came in with a book, I left with a library.  That is, I knew something about chocolate coming in, but I left with far more knowledge.”
Abderrahmane, March ’14 Graduate

“For an online course, this was truly outstanding.  I'm thoroughly impressed by the depth and breadth of the program, from the obvious topics about chocolate making, to the more esoteric topics like chemistry, technology and genetics – all of which fascinate me.”
Bob, Sept. ’13 Graduate

"I believe I know enough now to be rather dangerous! My understanding of chocolate flavor and origin has increased immeasurably. I know there's much more to learn, but I feel I can now speak the industry language well enough to ask the right questions. "
Susan, June '13 Graduate

"I gained a wealth of knowledge and a real insight into a hitherto unknown world of chocolate. The course gave real and direct access to all aspects of chocolate . . . I now feel armed with the information and the tools required to set about learning my craft and putting in place a plan of action."
Meave, Sept. '11 Graduate

"I think the course made me realize how complicated it really is to make chocolate from the cacao bean. The information that was laid out in the course was organized very well and gave very clear instructions on what you need and how to start up a chocolate business. It's complicated although not impossible. "
Daisy, Sept. '10 Graduate

More comments from our graduates

More About Our School

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How do we teach chocolate making online?

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Class assessment

Students will be assessed by completion of assignments throughout the program.


Students completing the program with a score of 70% or more will receive an Ecole Chocolat Certificate of Achievement.

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Cancellation policy

You can cancel from the Chocolate Making from the Bean Program up to three days before the start of the program. A refund of your registration fee, minus a 10% administration fee, may take approximately 10 working days to process. Because our programs are usually full, and in order to make sure all students are committed, on the start date of your program your registration fee becomes non-refundable and non-transferable to another session (except in extraordinary circumstances).

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