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Chocolate Masters Hangout

Chocolate Masters Hangouts

Check out the videos below of our live Chocolate Masters Hangouts on such subjects as chocolate making, making caramels, Hawaii cacao, saving chocolate and more! To know about our next Hangout and see them live follow us on our Ecole Chocolat Google+ Page

About Ecole Chocolat Chocolate Masters Hangouts

"I've be looking for a way to replicate online the great conversations that happen when we chocolate masters get together at events, meetings and during our programs – so our students can benefit from the experience. Those conversations are a huge source of enjoyment, education and inspiration for each of us and usually involve the sharing of chocolate between friends. I’ve discovered some fabulous fine chocolate along the way.

Well, I finally found the answer in Google+ Hangouts! In 2013 we launched a series of Chocolate Masters Hangouts featuring a expert panel including our graduates on a topic of interest to anyone who loves chocolate."

Pam Williams

Important Note: Because of recent YouTube problems with their embed code - some of the videos may return an error message when you click on the play button depending on the browser you are using to view this page. The problem is most prevalent in IE and Firefox. The Chrome browser doesn't seem impacted. If you receive an error message you can still view the video on our Ecole Chocolat YouTube Channel go to:


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