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Chocolate Maker Class

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In our Chocolate Maker Master Program at Mindo Chocolate, Michigan, US under Barbara Wilson's supervision, you'll use the equipment in a working chocolate factory to produce micro batches of chocolate.

Program Date & Fee

Learning in a chocolate factory

Next program: September 25 - 28, 2017

Registration fee (does not include travel, accommodation, and meals - except lunch during the daily program.)

$1,350.00 US

Program at-a-glance

Chocolate Maker Class

4-Day program

This is a 4 day program of hands-on training in the Mindo Chocolate factory. The program will include making batches of chocolate from dried cocoa beans using craft chocolate making equipment as well as an overview of cacao growing/processing and discussions on the business aspects of chocolate making.

Registration Details

Making chocolate in the factory

Registration for this program will open in the spring.

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This program is delivered in English.

Program participants must be 17 years of age or older. Also note that the program involves a lot of standing for long periods and walking so good mobility and strength are important.

Our minimum requirement for this program to run is 5 students and the maximum is 12 students.

You'll want to wait to book your flight to Michigan until we confirm that the minimum number of students have registered.

Prerequisite: To get the most out of this hands-on experience, we strongly suggest that you enroll in or have completed the Chocolate Making from the Bean program. That program curriculum will give you the understanding of chocolate flavor, chocolate/cacao science, cocoa bean sourcing and production/equipment so you will be able to ask the right questions to enhance your understanding while in the hands-on class.

Master Chocolatier Program certificate:

Students completing the program will receive an Ecole Chocolat Chocolate Making Certificate of Achievement.

Itinerary Details

Chocolate making from the bean

During these four days, you will get hands-on experience roasting, winnowing and cracking cocoa beans, grinding cocoa nibs into cocoa liquor and chocolate. We will also press cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Then you will learn to make dark, milk and white chocolate, learn how to temper perfectly to mold chocolate into bars and then packaging for your trip home.

The group will discuss topics pertinant to chocolate making including fair trade, organic and shade grown cacao. And how the skill of the farmer in cacao fermentation and drying will impact the success of your chocolate making.

There is a daily chocolate tasting to further develop your tasting palate and discussions on the business aspects of chocolate making.

Program itinerary:

Itinerary subject to change: every effort will be made to keep the itinerary as it appears here. However, the final itinerary may vary due to schedules, availability and factors beyond our control.

Monday – Thursday:  
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Mindo Chocolate factory, Dexter, Michigan (about 45 minute drive from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport)

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Wear good shoes (you'll be standing most of the day) and comfortable clothing that you don't mind being stained with chocolate.

What our graduates have to say

"The time spent with Barbara and her Mindo team in Dexter, MI was a very beneficial experience for me. I was able to not only pick up insight into the chocolate making process seeing what works and doesn't work, but was able to be hands on in the chocolate making process throughout the week. There's no better way to pursue your passion of chocolate and chocolate making than to immerse yourself in an environment that exemplified hard work, skill, passion and dedication for the craft." – Glenn, 2015 Program

"Barbara & her staff were so generous with sharing their knowledge, expertise, experience with us students!  They allowed us all the time we needed for the hands-on experiences of roasting, winnowing, tempering, molding, packaging." – Mary Grace, 2015 Program

"Barbara and Jose, Amy, Dana, Rob and the entire staff at Mindo are all just completely amazing, warm and open. What struck me most in their manner and in their business is words like "failure" or "problem" or even "hurdle" never seem to enter their collective consciousness. Not even "speed bump". Whenever they encounter a problem they just solve it and go on like it never happened. Or Jose just invents some new equipment. What they have accomplished in less than ten years is inspiring and remarkable." – Susan, 2015 Program

Cancellation policy:

Our Ecole Chocolat Master Chocolatier Programs only accommodate a limited number of students and are usually full, with a waiting list. As the programs involve a travel component, we need to contact those on the waiting list in enough time so they can make travel arrangements. If you have to cancel, we'll do everything in our power to find a replacement but can't guarantee that we'll be successful. No refunds will be given after 45 days prior to the program start date. Make sure you're totally commited to the program before paying your registration fee. We also suggest that you take out travel insurance when booking your travel to and from the program country, in case of an emergency.

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Opening bags of cocoa beans

Ganache ready for enrobing

Cocoa nibs up close.

Cutting ganache with a guitar

Making truffles from our chocolate.

Filling chocolate molds

Rustic chocolate bars.