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Chocolate Flavor 101

Do you love chocolate? Of course you do! Did you ever think it was possible to enjoy chocolate more? We're here to help you take your chocolate enjoyment to the next level. Our Chocolate Flavor 101 course will teach you how to taste chocolate consciously and choose the perfect chocolate. You'll connect to a very special community of chocolate lovers during your learning experience. Did we mention that you'll be REQUIRED to taste chocolate?

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Next course: April 14 - May 12, 2017

How to register for Chocolate Flavor 101:

Ecole Chocolat Graduates: Don't register here, please send an email to: to process your registration.

We have kept the registration fee as low as possible to account for the added cost of the book and the chocolate you'll need for the guided tasting exercises (see the course pre-requisites below for more details).

When you're ready to register, click either of the following buttons to pay your registration fee of $55.00 US.

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Buying the program as a GIFT and want to keep it a secret?

Be sure to put YOUR email address in the "Student Information" section of the payment page so that the receipt is sent to you.

Right before you register, send us an email to: letting us know that the registration will be a gift, and include your name and your recipient's name. We'll email you a PDF gift certificate and enrollment instructions that you can share when you give the gift. Add a box of chocolate or great chocolate bars and you've got the perfect gift for your favorite chocolate fiend!


You'll want to have a copy of our book Raising the Bar - The Future of Fine Chocolate before starting the course. You don't have to start reading the book before you begin the course. We take you chapter by chapter as you go through the curriculum.

Why do you ask us to read the book as we start the course?

We want to give you the best educational experience we can. In order to do that we want everyone who participates to be starting from the same basic knowledge about the future of chocolate.

The book is available on Amazon in both print and eBook form. eBook versions are also available at: iTunes, Nook Books, Kobo, and Copia.

You'll want to set aside a budget for chocolate bars for your tasting Assignments. To get an idea of the cost of fine chocolate bars in general go to Chocosphere.com.

You'll need from 3 - 4 different chocolates for each Assignment and there are three chocolate tasting assignments in the course. Once you register for the course, you'll be given the supply list.

Why can't Ecole Chocolat supply the chocolate for the tasting exercises?

Since our students come from all over the world, there's no way economically to provide you with chocolate as part of your registration. We encourage you to shop for the best chocolate you can find in your region. We give you suggestions and global resources for buying chocolate bars online.

Focus on chocolate flavor

What Will I learn?

"We've all mindlessly popped a piece of chocolate in our mouths. If you love chocolate, I'm sure you have found out by trial and error that not all chocolate is created equal! And when you taste chocolate in a slow and deliberate way, you develop a greater appreciation for the flavor nuances.

There are over 600 chemical compounds in cacao beans that produce the chocolate flavor we crave. As with wine, the type of tree, the terroir, fermentation, ingredients and processing practices all have an impact on the final flavor of a particular chocolate. In this interactive 100% online course, you'll work with your Instructor and other chocolate lovers from around the world.

Get ready to enjoy your next chocolate bar or bonbon even more by understanding exactly what makes it so tasty, and how to identify the flavors you love most. Dazzle your friends with your newly minted chocolate knowledge and host a chocolate tasting!"
Pam Williams

How Chocolate Flavor 101 works:

This course is all about tasting chocolate. Over 4 weeks, you will study chocolate flavor and taste many different types of chocolate. As you complete tastings, you'll share your experiences with your instructors and classmates through our interactive, online Learning Centre!

Our goal is to help you learn to taste chocolate consciously so that you can identity and name the subtleties of chocolate flavor, broaden your chocolate palate, and allow you to better choose the chocolates and confections that you enjoy the most.

Note: We won't be giving instructions and recipes on how to make bonbons or bars in this course. Our focus in on understanding chocolate flavor and learning what ingredients and processes contribute to the best-tasting bars and bonbons.

At the end of the program, if you complete the assignments, you will receive a digital Ecole Chocolat Certificate of Completion.

Give us your attention and taste buds and you'll be fascinated by what you learn AND put that knowledge to the test in a series of guided tasting exercises along the way. That's right, once you start to understand what makes chocolate flavor then the real work begins by tasting chocolate.

Meet people from all over the globe as passionate as you about chocolate.

We encourage everyone in the course to work together on the tasting exercises and share their experiences using our Learning Centre Chat to taste and share your insights with each other in real time.

Looking for a more in-depth and scientific approach to chocolate tasting?

Consider our Mastering Chocolate Flavor Program which has been developed for chocolate professionals and ardent enthusiasts. This 8 week program gives you the opportunity to focus on the details and intricacies of chocolate flavor, while helping you use chocolate more effectively in your professional or private life.

Richard Tango-Lowy

Your Learning Experience

Richard Tango-Lowy, our Online Tutor and Flavor Coach
Dancing Lion Chocolate

Chocolatier Richard Tango-Lowy has been working with chocolate since 1996. He graduated with honors from Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver, and earned his Master Chocolatier designation at Ecole Du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in Tain L'Hermitage, France and a second at Ecole Chocolat's Master Chocolatier course in Tuscany.

Rich opened Dancing Lion Chocolate in Manchester, New Hampshire in 2007, where he sources small plantation and artisan chocolate for his bonbons and confections, each of which is made only one time. When he's not searching for new chocolate, you'll find Rich experimenting in the kitchen behind Dancing Lion's shop and cafe.

Rich says, "I've been actively tasting chocolate for at least 12 years. 'Actively tasting' means that I sit and mindfully, consciously explore a piece of chocolate with my eyes, ears, hands, nose, and mouth. No distractions, no thoughts, notebook before me, pen in hand. After years of tasting, my sense of "taste" has expanded and become much more sensitive; I've learned to 'taste'."

The lectures Ecole Chocolat has assembled here will not only guide you through the art of tasting, but will give you a solid base to understand what you're tasting and why. Different chocolates taste different for many reasons: genetics, environment, processing, and even your own mood. By the time you finish this course, you will really understand why chocolate is as amazing as it is!"

When is the Chocolate Flavor 101 Course offered during the year?

The Chocolate Flavor 101 Course is offered each year in January, April, and October.

How do we teach chocolate tasting online?

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Our school faculty

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Thinking of opening a chocolate business? Explore our intensive professional programs.

Professional Chocolatier Program
Chocolate Making from the Bean

Chocolate Flavor 101 Curriculum

What our graduates have to say

"All of the assignments were fun and good learning experiences. The program as a whole is a strong foundation for learning about chocolate tasting and flavor. It has whet my appetite to continue learning about chocolate. It's a good value for the price of the program."
Karen, Oct 16 Graduate

"The program has changed the way I taste and appreciate chocolate and I will be carrying my notebook with my bars from now on. This was a true revelation for me. Rich's feedback was invaluable. I absolutely enjoyed him taking the time to answer each of my assignments. He is very generous with his knowledge."
Estelle, Feb. '16 Graduate

"I did not imagine how understanding the historical and genetic basis of chocolate would enhance the experience tasting fine flavored chocolates."
Peter, Feb. '16 Graduate

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel from the Chocolate Flavor 101 course if you have not enrolled in the course in our Learning Centre. A refund of your tuition fee minus a 10% administration fee may take approximately 10 working days to process. Once you use the Enrollment Key (which is sent to you upon receipt of your registration) to enroll into the course in Learning Centre, your registration fee becomes non-refundable.