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Ecole Chocolat belongs to a number of culinary organizations and our founder, Pam Williams, has taken a leadership roll in these organizations in order to advance culinary education, entrepreneurship and healthy food choices. With the founding of the FCIA, for example, she brought together for the first time colleagues in the fine chocolate industry segment: chocolatiers, chocolate makers and suppliers, to learn from each other and preserve sustainable fine flavor cacao and chocolate.

At Ecole Chocolat, we are proud to be members of the following organizations:

Founding Circle Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP)
Member since founding in 2010
HCP Board of Directors - 2019 President

Mission: To identify and preserve fine flavor cacao varieties for the conservation of biological diversity and the empowerment of farming communities.

Founding Member Fine Chocolate Industry Association(FCIA)
Member since founding in 2007
President 2007-2008, 2014-2015

The Fine Chocolate Industry Association is the professional non-profit organization supporting the development and innovation of the fine chocolate industry and best practices through:

  • Identifying industry standards for cacao growing, bar and confection production, and the use of quality ingredients.
  • Communicating with consumers, the media, and legislators regarding issues in growing, production and consumption of fine chocolate.
  • Educating chocolate professionals on fine chocolate best practices, ingredients and techniques.

Founding Member Hawaii Chocolate and Cacao Association
Member since founding in 2012

Hawaii Chocolate and Cacao Association (HCCA’s) mission is to promote the emerging chocolate and cacao industry in Hawaii. We work diligently to assure the health of our industry and provide education and information to our members and the public.

Grand Jury Judge International Chocolate Awards
Volunteer Advisor and Judge since 2012

The International Chocolate Awards is an independent competition supporting companies producing fine chocolate and chocolatiers, small companies and artisans working with fine chocolate. By helping these markets to grow and develop, we also aim to support the farmers that grow fine cacao.

Member Les Dames d'Escoffier International
Member since 1992
International President 1998
BC Chapter President 2013

LDEI is the premier organization of influential professional women who are committed to the advancement of education and philanthropy in food, beverage and hospitality for the good of the global community. 

Member Cooking Schools & Teachers Section International Association of Culinary Professionals
Member since 1986
Board of Directors 1991-1997

IACP connect culinary professionals with the people, places and knowledge they need to succeed. To unite, inspire, and celebrate the professional culinary community worldwide.

Sponsor Radio Cherry Bombe on Heritage Radio Network
2016 Season

Radio Cherry Bombe brings the pages of Cherry Bombe Magazine to life. We are pleased to support the advancement of women in the culinary industry through these engaging conversations with some of the most interesting women in food. 

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